bullet Biomedical Signals and Sensors


 Title: Biomedical Signals and Sensors I

 Author: Eugenijus Kaniusas

 Publisher: Springer

 Hardcover: 313 pages

 Pubdate: 31 May 2012

 ISBN: 364224842X



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Book Description


This two-volume set focuses on the interface between physiologic mechanisms and diagnostic human engineering. Today numerous biomedical sensors are commonplace in clinical practice. The registered biosignals reflect mostly vital physiologic phenomena. In order to adequately apply biomedical sensors and reasonably interpret the corresponding biosignals, a proper understanding of the involved physiologic phenomena, their influence on the registered biosignals, and the technology behind the sensors is necessary.


The first volume is devoted to the interface between physiologic mechanisms and arising biosignals, whereas the second volume is focussed on the interface between biosignals and biomedical sensors. The physiologic mechanisms behind the biosignals are described from the basic cellular level up to their advanced mutual coordination level during sleep. The arising biosignals are discussed within the scope of vital physiologic phenomena to foster their understanding and comprehensive analysis.



About the Author


Assoc. Univ. Prof., head of the research group "Biomedical Sensing" at the Institute of Electrodynamics, Microwave and Circuit Engineering, Vienna University of Technology






1. Fundamentals of Biosignals


1.1 Definition and Model of Biosignals

1.2 Historical Aspects

1.2.1 The Very First Biosignals

1.2.2 Problems and Solutions

1.3 Classification of Biosignals

1.4 Trends in Biosignals Monitoring




2. Physiological and Functional Basis


2.1 Cell

2.1.1 Functional Structures

2.1.2 Cell Membrane Passive Properties

Transport of Substances

Transport of Potential Difference Active Mechanisms


Active Transport

2.1.3 Cell Membrane Potential Quiescent Cell Excited Cell

Cell Stimulation

Cell Response

Response to Different Stimuli

2.1.4 Propagation of Excitation Axon Propagation Synaptic Propagation

2.2 Neurons and Receptors

2.2.1 Structure

2.2.2 Function

2.3 Muscle

2.3.1 Structure

2.3.2 Function

2.4 Heart

2.4.1 Structure

2.4.2 Function

2.5 Circulatory System

2.5.1 Functional Structure

2.5.2 Phenomena Arterial Behavior Steady Flow Pulsatile Flow

Pulse Propagation

Blood Pressure and Flow

Pulse Waveforms of Pressure and Flow

Reflected Pulse Propagation

2.6 Respiratory System

2.6.1 Structure

2.6.2 Function




3. Physiological Phenomena and Biosignals


3.1 Vital Phenomena and Their Parameters

3.1.1 Heartbeat

3.1.2 Respiration

3.1.3 Blood Circulation Blood Pressure

Estimation from Arterial Radius

Estimation from Pulse Running Time Blood Flow Arterial Radius

3.1.4 Blood Oxygenation

3.1.5 Body Temperature

3.2 Parameter Behavior

3.2.1 Cardiorespiratory Interrelations Phenomenological Physiology

Normal Respiration

Ceased Respiration Biosignals and Parameters

Normal Respiration

Ceased Respiration

3.2.2 Cardiovascular Interrelations Phenomenological Physiology Biosignals and Parameters

3.2.3 Biological Rhythms

3.2.4 Sleep





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