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Title: Smart Sensors and MEMS

Author: Sergey Y. Yurish (Editor), Maria Teresa S.R. Gomes (Editor)

Publisher: Springer Verlag

Hardcover: 480 pages

Pubdate: January, 2005

ISBN: 1402029276

Price: $ 89.95 (paperback), $ 199.00 (hardcover)

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Chapter 1. Smart Sensors for Electrical and Non-electrical, Physical and Chemical Variables: State-of-the-art

(Sergey Y. Yurish)





The chapter gives an overview of industrial types of smart sensors (temperature, pressure, rotation speed, optical, humidity, gas, chemical, acceleration, biosensors etc.) and contains quasi-digital, smart sensors and MEMS definitions. Digital and quasi-digital (frequency and duty-cycle output) sensors and transducers are considered. The obvious tendency of sensors accuracy increasing up to 0.01 % or better and wide conversion frequency range from several hundredth parts of Hz up to several MHz are observed. Main advantages of frequency-time domain signal as informative parameters for modern smart sensors are described.


Keywords: smart sensor; MEMS; frequency-time domain; digital sensor; quasi-digital sensor; transducer; integrated sensor; intelligent sensor; parametric sensor; self-generating sensor; modulating sensor, biosensor


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