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Title: Smart Sensors and MEMS

Author: Sergey Y. Yurish (Editor), Maria Teresa S.R. Gomes (Editor)

Publisher: Springer Verlag

Hardcover: 480 pages

Pubdate: January, 2005

ISBN: 1402029276

Price: $ 89.95 (paperback), $ 199.00 (hardcover)

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Chapter 10. Thermal Design of Microelectronics Systems

(Dmytro Fedasyuk and Volodymyr Makar)





The mathematical models and methods for thermal analysis of two typical constructions of microelectronics systems have been presented in this chapter. The 3D thermal model of hybrid circuits in the form of multilayer structure with flat and add-on heat sources have been developed. The combination of numerical and analytical methods for investigation of this model has been used which allows to solve both the steady-state and transient thermal problems simultaneously. The mathematical models of the steady-state and transient heat exchange processes in the flip-chip structures, based on the analytical solution of the conjugate transient heat exchange problem for the die and substrate have been described. The appropriate software in the form of CAD tools have been developed which was tested by solving of several test problems. The estimation of accuracy and efficiency of developed models have been done by comparison with the results obtained by another authors with use of numerical methods. These comparisons show some advantages of analytical approach, namely considerably less computational cost, no influence of discretization errors and possibility to enlarge the sphere of thermal design problems.


Keywords: multichip modules, hybrid circuits, flip-chip, thermal resistance, steady-state and transient thermal problems, Fourier series.


Dmytro V. Fedasyuk, Professor, Dr., CAD Departament, Institute of Computer Sciences and Information Technologies, National University Lviv Polythechnic, Lviv, Ukraine. Department of Microelectronics and Information System, Technical University of Lodz, Poland, E-mail: fedasyuk@polynet.lviv.ua

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