bullet Chemical Sensors: Comprehensive Sensor Technologies


 Title: Chemical Sensors: Comprehensive Sensor Technologies, Vol 6, Chemical Sensors Applications

 Author: Ghenadii Korotcenkov

 Publisher: Momentum Press

 Hardcover: 300 pages

 Pubdate: 20 June 2011

 ISBN: 1606502395



Chemical Sensors


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Book Description



Chemical sensors are integral to the automation of myriad industrial processes, as well as everyday monitoring of such activities as public safety, engine performance, medical therapeutics, and many more. This massive reference work will cover all major categories of chemical sensor materials and devices, and their general functional usage from monitoring and analyzing gases, to analyzing liquids and compounds of all kinds. This is THE reference work on sensors used for chemical detection and analysis. In this final volume of the Chemical Sensors will be found the latest in new chemical sensor applications including remote chemical sensing for such applications as atmosphere monitoring, new uses for electronic noses" and tongues," wireless chemical sensors, and new future directions for chemical sensors in industry, agriculture, and transportation.


The market of chemical sensors continues to grow at a rapid rate, reflecting the wide range of possibilities in improvement in technological processes in industry and agriculture and conditions of our life that can be enhanced by the use of chemical sensors. The military, medicine, airspace, and security markets also continue to drive the research and development in this area. At present it is hard to imagine the area, where chemical sensors would be useless.


In this final volume of the Chemical Sensors series will be found a description of architecture and fundamentals of electronic “noses” and electronic “tongues”, principles of wireless chemical sensors design, possibilities of remote chemical sensing for atmosphere monitoring, and the latest in new future directions for chemical sensors applications in medicine, environment control, industry, agriculture, military, transportation, water and food quality monitoring, etc.


Inside, you'll find information about advantages and disadvantages of different chemical sensors, which is important for estimating the area of possible applications of chemical sensors and understanding the special requirements for sensors used in these areas.


This volume will be interesting for students, which have courses in the field of material sciences, chemical engineering, electronics, environmental control, medicine; for scientists, which work in the field of analytical control and chemical sensors design; and for practicing engineers or project managers, which would like to use chemical sensors, but don’t know how to do it, and how to select optimal chemical sensor for specific applications. We are sure that all of them will find information useful for their activity.








About the Author


Ghenadii Korotcenkov received his Ph.D. in Physics and Technology of Semiconductor Materials and Devices in 1976 and his Habilitate Degree (Dr. Sci.) in Physics and Mathematics of Semiconductors and Dielectrics in 1990. He was for many years the leader in the Gas Sensor Group at the Technical University of Moldova. He is currently a research professor at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, in Gwangju, Republic of Korea. Dr. Korotcenkov is the author of five previous books and has authored over 180 peer-reviewed papers.

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