bullet Data Acquisition for Sensor Systems



  Title: Data Acquisition for Sensor Systems

  Author: H.R. Taylor

  Publisher: Springer

  Paperback: 344 pages

  Pubdate: 2 November 2010

  ISBN: 1441947299



Data Acquisition for Sensor Systems book's cover

Book Description



The text is ideal for use by a wide range of readers; for scientists and engineers of any discipline who wish to use data acquisition in their work and need to make an informed selection from the many systems of hardware and software available; for circuit engineers designing electronic instruments which need to incorporate data acquisition; and for students of electrical and electronic engineering courses, all of whom will encounter the topics of measurement and instrumentation.



Table of Contents:


  • Introduction

  • Fundamentals of measurement

  • Sensors

  • Signal conditioning

  • Sample and hold circuits

  • Multiplexers

  • Elements of analogue to digital and digital to analogue converters

  • Digital to analogue converters

  • Analogue to digital converters

  • Sampled data systems

  • Bus systems

  • Software for data acquisition

  • Postscript

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