bullet Energy Harvesting Autonomous Sensor Systems: Design, Analysis, and Practical Implementation


 Title: Energy Harvesting Autonomous Sensor Systems: Design, Analysis, and Practical Implementation

 Author: Yen Kheng Tan

 Publisher: CRC Press

 Hardcover: 254 pages

 Pubdate: 29 January 2013

 ISBN: 1439892733



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Book Description



This book is the considered the first to describe sensor-oriented energy harvesting issues. Its content is derived from the author’s research on the development of a truly self-autonomous and sustainable energy harvesting wireless sensor network (EH-WSN). This network harvests energy from a variety of ambient energy sources and converts it into electrical energy to power batteries. The book discusses various types of energy harvesting (EH) systems and their respective main components.




  • Describes sensor-oriented energy-harvesting issues

  • Provides a system overview of the energy harvesting system from energy source to energy usage by wireless sensor nodes

  • Focuses on small scale energy harvesting rather than general embedded system energy harvesting

  • Draws on the author's own research which has reached proof-of-concept stage and can therefore be more easily translated into real-life applications

  • Includes wide coverage of various energy-harvesting techniques



Table of Contents




Motivation of Wireless Sensor Networks

Problems in Powering Wireless Sensor Nodes

Energy Harvesting Solution for Wireless Sensor Node

Contribution of this Book

Organization of the Book


Wind Energy Harvesting System


Direct WEH Approach using Wind Turbine-Generator

Indirect WEH Approach using Piezoelectric Material


Thermal Energy Harvesting System


Thermal Energy Harvester

Resistor Emulation based Maximum Power Point Tracker

Implementation of Optimal TEH Wireless Sensor Node

Experimental Results


Vibration Energy Harvesting System


Impact-Based VEH using Piezoelectric Pushbutton Igniter

Impact-Based VEH using Prestressed Piezoelectric Diaphragm Material


Hybrid Energy Harvesting System


Solar Energy Harvesting System

Composite Solar, Wind (S+W) Energy Sources

Composite Solar, Thermal (S+T) Energy Sources


Electrical Power Transfer with ‘no wires’


Inductively Coupled Power Transfer from Power Lines

Wireless Power Transfer via Strongly Coupled Magnetic Resonances


Conclusions and Future Works



Future Research Works

Digital Sensors and Sensor Sysstems


Handbook of Laboratory Measurements


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