bullet Measurement Systems and Sensors



  Title: Measurement Systems And Sensors

  Author: Waldemar Nawrocki

  Publisher: Artech House Publishers

  Hardcover: 342 pages

  Pubdate: 28 February, 2005

  ISBN: 1580539459



Measuremet Systems and Sensors book cover

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Here’s your complete resource on systems and sensors used in industrial measurement. Coverage of new wireless measurement systems and wireless GSM interfacing makes this title unique, providing in-depth, practical knowledge you won't find in any other book. This hands-on reference shows you how to: select the right analog-to-digital conversion method best suited for a specific measurement problem; determine whether to use a cable or wireless interface for optimum data transmission; speed up the data transmission rate in a measuring system with IEEE-488 interface by using the high-speed protocol HS-488.


You find a review of digital temperature sensors, helping you design a monitoring system with multi-point measurements. Moreover the book introduces new, cost-effective measurement technology utilizing www servers and LAN computer networks. From computer-based measuring systems, electrical thermometers and pressure sensors, to conditioners, cassette measuring systems, and virtual tools, this authoritative volume offers you the details you need for your work in the field.


About the Author


Waldemar Nawrocki is a professor of electronics at the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications, Poznan University of Technology, Poland, where he earned a Ph.D. in technical sciences. Dr. Nawrocki also holds a D.Sc. in Physics from Friedrich Schiller University, Germany.



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