bullet Nano Optoelectronic Sensors and Devices: Nanophotonics from Design to Manufacturing


 Title: Nano Optoelectronic Sensors and Devices: Nanophotonics from Design to Manufacturing

 Authors: Ning Xi, King Lai

 Publisher: William Andrew

 Hardcover: 224 pages

 Pubdate: 13 December 2011

 ISBN: 1437734715



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The authors of this book have been involved in pioneering work in manufacturing photonic devices from carbon nanotube (CNT) nanowires and provide a series of practical guidelines for their design and manufacture, using processes such as nano-robotic manipulation and assembly methods. They also introduce the design and operational principles of opto-elctrical sensing devices at the nano scale. Thermal annealing and packaging processes are also covered, as key elements in a scalable manufacturing process.


Examples of applications of different nanowire based photonic devices are presented. These include applications in the fields of electronics (e.g. FET, CNT Schotty diode) and solar energy.


The book provides graduate students, practitioners and professionals with the background knowledge and tools needed to research and concretely develop new devices in the area of nano photonics and the necessary nano-manipulation and nano-assembly technologies required to do so.


  • Discusses opto-electronic nanomaterials, characterization and properties from an engineering perspective, enabling the commercialization of key emerging technologies.

  • Provides scalable techniques for nanowire structure growth, manipulation and assembly (i.e. synthesis)

  • Explores key application areas such as sensing, electronics and solar energy.



















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