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  Title: Wireless Ad Hoc Micro Sensor Networks

  AuthorAbid Ali Minhas

  Publisher: VDM Verlag

  Hardcover: 136 pages

  Pubdate: 6 June 2008

  ISBN: 3639033388




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Over the last few years, wireless ad hoc sensor network (WASN) has become emerging field of research and is having many open research issues. These networks are having many interesting applications in different fields of life discussed in this book. These networks are made up of a basic building block called node which is battery operated, in general and power awareness becomes very important. Each node senses the environment for example temperature, pressure etc., and sends the sensed information through its antenna to other nodes present in the network. The data from a distant node can be sent either directly to another node or by using a multi-hop routing algorithm. Thus Power Aware Network Design is one of the major research issues in these networks.


With the boom in popularity has also come a rise in the need for a dedicated book on Power Aware Design of WASN. This book addresses this issue by keeping in mind the interests of university students, researchers, faculty members and the people from industry. State of the art Power Aware Design of WASN is presented in this book along with the implementation and results.


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