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Title: Wireless Sensor Network Design

Author: Anna Hac

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Pubdate: January 2004

ISBN: 0-470-86736-1

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Wireless Sensor Network Design


This is a book by academic author from the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, USA, dealing with very important topic of sensor communications – wireless sensor network design. Every new book published in a sensor wireless network related area is a big event in scientific world because of such sensor networks are using newest technologies and standards in practice.


This book provides a comprehensive source of information from networked embedded systems and smart sensor networks, to power-aware wireless sensors networks, routing, clustering, security and operation systems along with networks support in a single 408 pages volume organized into ten chapters and shows how to design and use such sensor networks. The book is well illustrated and each from its ten chapters is supplemented by learning objectives and followed by well-selected practice problems with solutions.


Taking into account that smart sensors are of great interest in many field of industry, the chapter “Smart Sensor Network” covering architectures based on IEEE 1451 standard and controller area network is very helpful. However, with quick distribution of different sensors from frequency-time domain with frequency or duty-cycle outputs, it is strongly necessary to consider an ADC alternative – a frequency-to-digital conversion in possible node and transducer interface module architectures.


Of course, much more practical numerical examples would give more credits to this book, however, luck of it is well compensated by big references list in fifteen pages.


It is obviously that this book will be useful for graduate students and engineers working in this technical area as well as lecturers who are giving lectures in sensor networks, distributed and smart sensors and embedded systems, so it is worth a buy.


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