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Biosensors, or sensors based on biological materials, are now used in a wide variety of disciplines, including medicine, the food industry and environmental science. It is becoming increasingly important for researchers and scientists in these and other fields to have a sound understanding of the different types of biosensors which can be used, the principles behind them, and their advantages and limitations.


‘Biosensors: An Introduction’ begins by introducing the reader, systematically and comprehensively, to the basic features of biosensors, discussing the types of biological materials used and the ways in which they can be connected with a variety of transducers to create the complete biosensor. Performance characteristics of a wide range of biosensors are discussed, and details of the most important types of biosensor currently used are presented.


A highly practical chapter containing details of a number of biosensor experiments for undergraduate and postgraduate students is included, while applications of biosensors across a broad range of fields, and consideration of the commercial techniques for manufacturing biosensors, are presented in the final chapter.


‘Biosensors: An Introduction’ is an invaluable reference source for anyone working with biosensors, and a highly practical learning tool for those studying any aspect of the subject. Its unique combination of introductory and more advanced material provides the necessary bridge for all those wishing to become more involved in this expanding and fascinating field.



Reviewer's comments:


“The book would be ideal for use on taught courses, particularly in the modular system. All the vital information required to understand biosensors is contained within, and the reader does not have to search through other books to find the background information” -- Trends in Analytical Chemistry.



Table of Contents

  • Biological Elements.

  • Immobilisation of Biological Component;

  • Transducers I – Electrochemistry;

  • Transducers II – Optical Methods;

  • Transducers III – Other Transducers;

  • Performance Factors;

  • Important Applications;

  • Experimental Examples;

  • Commercial Applications;



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