bullet J. W. Gardner, Microsensors, MEMS and Smart Devices

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From the electronic nose and the intelligent ear to the modern inkjet nozzle, the applications for smart devices incorporating microsensors are having a growing impact. This book reports upon recent developments in the integration of microelectronics with microsensors and microactuators to form a microsystem or MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) device. 


This timely reference text: 


-          Provides a unique and accessible overview of this rapidly expanding field and addresses the technology integration issues that are vital to the successful application of microsensors, MEMS and smart devices 

-          Describes the latest applications in smart devices such as the electronic nose and tongue to ID technology such as smart sensors and smart structures like the smart skin 

-          Covers the latest fabrication techniques and processes such as bulk and surface micromachinery, and polymer processing methods 

-          Describes fabrication materials - functional, structural and intelligent - and includes comprehensive appendices with properties of materials 


Offering a unique overview of this rapidly expanding field, Microsensors, MEMS and Smart Devices enables readers to understand microsystems and to evaluate their possibilities.



Table of Contents



2.Materials for Microdevices.

3.Standard Microelectronic Technologies.

4.Silicon Micromachining Techniques.

5.MEMS Processing Techniques.

6.Multifunctional Polymer Processing Techniques.

7.Batch Fabrication, Photoforming and Assembly of Microdevices.

8.Integrating Microelectronics and MEMS.

9.Design, Modelling and Simulation of Microdevices.

10.Microsensors and Microactuators.

11.Smart Devices.

12.MEMS and Smart Structures.






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