bullet Henry Baltes, Sensors: A Comprehensive Survey, Update 9

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Built upon the series "Sensors", this title presents an overview of highlights in the field. Coverage includes current developments in materials, design, production, and applications of sensors, signal detection and processing, as well as new sensing principles. Each volume is divided into three sections. "Sensor Technology", reviews highlights in applied and basic research. "Sensor Applications", covers new or improved applications of sensors. "Sensor Markets", provides a survey of suppliers and market trends for a particular area. With this unique combination of information in each volume, "Sensors Update" should be of value for scientists and engineers in industry and at universities, to sensors developers and distributors.



Table of Contents

  • Micro-machined Photoplastic Probes for Scanning Probe Microscopy.

  • Multiple Through Wafer Connects for MEMS Applications.

  • Market for Microsystems in the Automotive Industry.

  • Optical Sensors in Silicon.

  • Micro Acoustic Sensors for Liquid Analysis.

  • Gas Sensor for Fire Detection.

  • Sensors and Food Quality.

  • Immunosensors for Diagnostics.

  • Silica Tin Oxide Chemical Sensors.





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