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No. 4, April 2001



Single or double


The new Sonar doublesheet control from Siemens operates with ultrasonic waves with a frequency of  200kHz. It consists of an evaluation unit and two sonar sensors (transmitter and receiver). The device monitors the paper feed-in on e.g.: printing machineries. It signalizes reliable errors during the feed-in process, for example if two or more sheets of paper glue together. This would lead to a printing mistake. The sonar double sheet control is suitable for monitoring paper-, plastic- or metal sheets. The range is from 20g paper to 1100g cardboard.


The adjustment of the 3RX2210 is absolutely easy: it is performed through an automatical setup–  a so called „Teach-In“. The user has the possibility to choose between manual setup  (pressing SET button) or automatical setup (during feed-in of the first sheet). After this every sheet is compared with the stored reference value and in case of single sheet or double sheet it will be indicated. The  3RX2210 has two electronic, short circuit protected outputs.


The design of the BERO offers the user a high flexibility. The small sonar sensors (M18x25mm) are requiring less space and the 2 m connection cable enables to place the evaluation unit on a easily accessible place. The sensors could be mounted either at an angle of 30°(±10°) or 5° to the vertical. The material to be scanned must be about 5 to 15 mm above the emitter.


3RX2210 photo


Advantages at a glance:

 ·    Reliable monitoring of multi-layer paper sheets, plastic sheets and metal foil 

·    Range from 20 g paper up to 1100 g card,

·       Manual or automatic adjustment

·       Sonar sensors in cylindrical M18 enclosures

·       Short-circuit proof solid-state outputs (pnp)

·       Connection via M12 plug



Level measurement – simple 

and compact


The new sonar-BERO of the compact range, 3RG625 from Siemens are especially designed for level measurements in small tanks. Because of their special housing they could be used as „intelligent cover“ of a vessel. With its built-in all-round seal, the sonar BERO can be used directly as a lid with built-in fill level monitoring.


These sonar-BERO are offered with 3 different sensing ranges: 6 to 50cm, 20 to 150cm or 25 to 250cm are available. The sensors have new, especially for level monitoring suited functions. The sonar-BERO senses continuously the level; when reaching the adjusted minimal or maximal levelone of the respective outputs will switch. This state is indicated through 2 LEDs.


The adjustment through an automatical setup is very easy : via a so called Teach-In. The vessel is  filled to the requested level. Now the programming connection of the BERO needs to be connected to 0V verbunden – for example via a momentary contact – and sfter this the sensor is completely adjusted. The setup could also be done from a corresponding signal of  a PLC or from a PC.


For comfortable adjustment of the sensor the system SONPROG 3RX4000 is available. Besides the switching ranges, response time, switching hysteresis and function of output (NO or NC) can be adjusted with SONPROG.


Advantages at a glance:

 ·      Special cubical housing for level measurement in vessels

·        Optimized software

·        BERO can be used as cover

·     Sensing ranges 6 to 50cm, 20 to 150cm or 25 to 250 cm

·       Easy setup through „Teach-In“

·       Programmable with SONPROG

·      Temperature compensation

·      Temperature range between -25°C .. +70°C

·      Degree of protection: IP65



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Clamp-style Universal Brackets™



Frankfort, NY, February 28, 2001- SoftNoze announces the release of the innovative Clamp-style Universal Bracket™ (CUB™). Within the sensor industry, the CUB™ is unmatched in versatility for aiming and securely attaching photoelectric and ultrasonic sensors. Just as importantly, the SoftNoze family of CUB™ brackets accommodates virtually every industrial sensor model and brand. Now, regardless of sensor specified- a mounting and aiming solution is readily


CUB_NR Photo


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Portable Accelerometer Calibrator Ideal for In-Situ End-to-End Calibration 


SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. - March 9, 2001 – The new Model 28959F/FV portable accelerometer calibrator from Endevco provides precision calibration for charge mode piezoelectric, voltage mode piezoelectric, piezoresistive, and variable capacitance accelerometers in the field or on-site.  Test amplitude is adjustable up to 10 g’s over the frequency range of 10 Hz to 10 kHz. The Model 28959F/FV is capable of storing serial number and type, test parameters, date/time and test results for over 1600 tests, and a built-in printer can provide a hard copy record immediately. In addition to calculating sensitivity automatically, the calibrator also verifies accelerometer polarity.  An internal reference accelerometer traceable to NIST serves as the comparison standard.


28959F/FV Calibrator


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Piezoelectric Accelerometers Uniquely Designed for Cryogenic Applications


SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. – March 9, 2001 – The Endevco Model 7722 and Model 7724 are piezoelectric accelerometers uniquely designed for cryogenic applications.  They are lightweight (29 gm), stainless steel sensors that exhibit stable outputs during multiple cycles of thermal shock down to -452F(-269C).  These accelerometers are the units of choice for cryogenic pump applications and hybrid rocket engines using cryogenic propellants.


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