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No. 12, December 2001



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PiezoPAK Series Accelerometers


Endevco's PiezoPAK series of low-cost piezoelectric accelerometers are designed specifically to provide high-performance, integrated vibration measurement of machines, structures and vehicles. The accelerometers offer a wide frequency response, high shock survivability and low noise. Additional features include shielding, ground isolation, and sealing against environmental contamination. Five solder pads are provided for power and signal connection. Endevco can also package the PiezoPAK series into customized housings, allowing for cable/connector options. The PiezoPAK accelerometers offer 15 mV/g or 100 mV/g sensitivity with X, Y or Z axis orientation. Signal ground is connected to the cover and an internal shield. The standard power configurations include +3 to +16 VDC for the Model 55; +2.7 to +5.5 VDC for the Model 55L; and +10 to +24 VDC with a 2-20mA constant current source for the Model 56. The output bias is 50% of the supply voltage for the Models 55 and 55L, and 6.6-7 VDC for the Model 56. Peak linear range is 42% of the supply voltage for Models 55 and 55L, and 2 VDC for Model 56. An optional temperature sensor with a linear output of 10 mV/C is also available and is specified by the "T" option in the model number designation. The temperature sensor has a separate power input and requires a voltage of 4.5 to 10 VDC. At 0C, the unit has a 500 mV bias.


PiezoPAK Accelerometers

High-Temperature, Annular Ring Shear Accelerometer


SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. - November 19, 2001 - Endevco Corporation's new Model 35427EM5HT is a high-temperature, annular ring shear accelerometer with integral hardline cable and signal conditioner. Dynamic range is 10 g RMS, and voltage sensitivity is 100 mV/g 5%. The 35427EM5HT is radiation resistant to 1 x 107 rads silicon and has a temperature range of 32F to 599F (0C to 315C). Designed for use aboard submarines and in other low noise environments, the accelerometer provides condition-monitoring and the measurement of minute vibratory trends of large equipment, such as pumps and motors, in the presence of strong electrical fields. The remote signal conditioner has an integral hybrid charge converter with special circuitry for signal conditioning and auto test. The Model 35427EM5HT accelerometer and charge converter include centrally located captive mounting screws that permit 360-degree cable orientation. Signal output is through an MS3143H-10SL-3P connector. Signal ground (inner shield) is electrically isolated from the case. Power to the accelerometer is in the form of a constant current supplied by the signal conditioner, which contains circuitry for electrical interfacing with the signal processing equipment. A stainless-steel case protects the accelerometer from hostile environments. Weight is 380 gm (13.40 oz.).


Annular Ring Shear Accelerometer

New Accelerometer Thermal Isolator


SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. -The new Model 2988M10 and 2988M11 Accelerometer Thermal Isolators (ATI) from Endevco Corporation significantly extend the operating temperature range of accelerometers with integral electronics. The ATI is characterized by low thermal conductivity, rigidity at high temperatures, excellent chemical resistance, high dielectric strength, natural flame resistance, ease of bonding, and substantial forming flexibility. Constructed from a black, 0.25-inch thick, lightweight polymer, the ATI is adhesively mounted between the accelerometer and test structure. A wide range of urethane, silicone and acrylic adhesives provide acceptable adhesion. Operating temperature of the isolator is 171C.


Thermal Isolator

High-Speed Colour CMOS Image Sensors


LUPA1300 is a high-speed colour CMOS image sensor. Its frame rate amounts to 450fps atfull resolution of 1.280 [H] x 1.024 (V) pixel. This high frame rate can be achieved by 16 parallel Output amplifiers each working at 40MHz pixel rate. It includes a synchronous shutter with variable integration time. The dynamic range of the LUPA1300 is 62dB, the pixel size 14um x 14um, the die-size 19,2mm x 16,2mm.


FRAMOS Electronic Vertriebs GmbH

Dauthendeystrasse 2, D-81377 Munchen

Tel: +49.89.710677-0



E-mail: info@framos.de



LUPA1300 colour image sensor

New Flipper Solenoid Valves


Irvine, CA, December 10, 2001 - Burkert's new 22mm flipper solenoid valves with isolating diaphragms are big performers in liquid handling systems used for low internal volume and high pressure applications. With their innovative flipper design actuating mechanisms and flexible diaphragm materials, Type 6127/6128 and Type 6607/6608 for analytical-medical applications provide reliable, repetitive seal engagement in aggressive media. Ideal for manifold mounting, the new valves complement the existing Burkert product line of 10mm-32mm high reliability solenoid valves for the medical, biotech and analytical industries. Both flipper-type valves are available in 3-way versions-with all three ports in the base-as well as 2-way normally open and normally closed versions, and are available in orifice sizes up to 3mm. These low dead-volume, low carryover valves are especially effective in eliminating cross-contamination, thus making them ideal for the control of critical fluids. Frictionless and back pressure-tight, the flipper design is resistant to clogging and sticking, for long service life combined with high accuracy and reliable operation. For more information click <here>


6127 Burket's valve


New Carbon Monoxide Sensor


Smokers around the world who are keen to quit will benefit from a new carbon monoxide sensor that has been developed by City Technology in the UK for use in breath analysers.Clinicians' use of breath monitoring in Smoking Cessation Programmes is a relatively new application, and derives from the fact that typically heavy smokers can have up to 50ppm of CO on the breath which compares with levels for non-smokers of around <5ppm. CO breath monitoring has two key benefits: it is valuable in assessing genuine progress in the smoker who is 'giving up', as well as improvements in their overall lung function. Smokers can see an almost immediate reduction in CO levels in expired breath when they reduce smoking, a fact that can often encourage them to keep going as they see an improvement. Monitoring CO on the breath is also becoming used as a way of "checking" children to see whether they have been smoking. The MCO MediceL has a two-year life and maximum range of 200ppm CO. It offers superior performance, with a resolution of 1ppm, so making it ideal for use in the typical breath CO concentrations of smokers (10-50ppm). The MCO also contains a filter to remove alcohol that may be present on the breath so preventing cross interference and ensuring the accuracy of the result. The MCO has been designed to give a minimal response to hydrogen so removing the possibility of false readings due to the presence of hydrogen in the breath. Hydrogen can be present in the breach due to digestive disorders such as lactose intolerance.


Sally Davis 

The PR Department

for City Technology Limited

Tel: + 44 (0)23 9266 1600


Carbon Monoxide Sensor





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