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No. 7, July 2001



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Quantizing Field Emission Transducer Infra 2

By Bonifaty Lubgin




A fundamentally new transducer, namely ,quantizing field emission transducer of the process for monotonic Pico-movements into pulse digital electric signal (Patent Application of Latvia P-00-159 of November 24, 2000, Int. CL7. G01C [X]) has been developed based on new kind of modulation: code pulse delta modulation that is a synthesis of code pulse modulation and delta modulation.


TECHRON Research Group

48-14 Purvciema, Riga, LV-1082, Republic of Latvia

Phone: + 371 2463738

Fax: + 371 7828369

E-mail: sensor@delfi.lv, leon.b@parks.lv





Dot- and Microdot-Sized Pressure Films Offer Useful Machine and Component Calibration/Inspection Application

By Gerard E. Mayers



New Ruggedized Lased Beam Sensors Deliver Precision Performance in Harsh Environments


Banner’s Ruggedized PicoDot® Sensors deliver superior sensing power and precision for applications located in harsh environments. The new Class 2 laser devices, available in convergent and retroreflective models, are ideal for close and long-range applications, as well as high-speed applications such as counting. The ruggedized sensors provide all of the standard PicoDot features and functionality in an environmentally sealed housing that's rated NEMA 6 and IEC IP67. Both convergent and retroreflective models provide a 200 microsecond response time with 50 microsecond repeatability.



How do Assemblers Know Which Part to Pick Next ?

Every year, thousands of products are scrapped or reworked due to assembly error. VTB Verification Touch Buttons from Banner were designed to eliminate those errors. Mounted near each bin in a workstation, VTB buttons feature ultra-bright illuminated bases that act as highly visible job lights to guide assemblers through sequential operations, which have been pre-programmed into the user’s process controller. Ergonomically designed VTB buttons require no pressure to operate, and eliminate the hand, wrist, and arm stress associated with repeated switch operation. The outputs are activated when a finger inserted in the “touch area” (yoke) breaks the infrared beam.



Compact Photoelectric Sensors Provide Affordable Background Suppression in Tight Locations


Banner’s economical new WORLD-BEAM QS18 Series Adjustable-Field Sensors allow users to set a precise sensing cutoff point. This feature eliminates background interference in small and/or difficult-to-reach locations. The miniature, self-contained devices provide exceptional performance, detecting objects with relatively low reflectivity while ignoring objects in the background. A universal mounting design allows them to fit or retrofit most mounting situations.



New Temperature Transmitter Delivers Economical Temperature Monitoring to Hazardous Areas

 TURCK’s new multimodul® MK34-11Ex0 Universal Temperature Transmitter, converts thermocouple, RTD, or millivolt temperature signals from hazardous areas into linear 4 mA to 20 mA output signals (proportionate to temperature change) for control equipment located in non-hazardous areas. The competitively priced MK34 is ideal for temperature monitoring applications in the process and discrete manufacturing sectors. Transmitter features include galvanic isolation, 18 mm width, DIN-rail mounting, and removable wiring terminals. Internal and external cold junction points are available.








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