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New Technique for Assessing Fastener Efficacy 

By Gerard E. Mayers, PR Director, Sensor Products Inc.


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New Piezoelectric Accelerometer Designed to Measure Vibration at Temperature Extremes

From Endevco

2272 Accelerometer. Click to enlarge

New Adjustable-Field Sensors Enable Users to Set a Precise Sensing Cutoff Point




Background interference is a huge problem for photoelectric sensors. Designed to eliminate that problem, Bannerís Q60 Adjustable-Field Sensors feature an easily adjustable sensing cutoff point, from 200†mm to 2000†mm (8" to 80"). The new sensors can detect objects with relatively low reflectivity while ignoring background objects as near as one inch beyond the cutoff point. Features, including Output Delay (ON- and OFF- Delay), light and dark operate mode selection, as well as security lock out, can be set using two push buttons or a remote wire.


Q60. Click to enlarge



16-bit Family of ADCs Operating Down to 2.7 V

From Texas Instruments


AMSY4 DAQ System

From Vallen-Systeme GmbH



From Sensor Products Inc.


A software package that allows an engineer to evaluate "what if" scenarios on a bolted joint. BoltFAST has 3 main components for evaluating joint strength potential, thread strip strength, and determination of torque requirements for a given bolted interface. 


Bolted joint analysis: Sensor Products now offers an array of specialized consulting services dealing with bolted joint, clamping and fastening testing and simulation. For more details please contact jstark@fuji-prescale.com


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