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Specialized Vertical Web Portal - Primary Source for Sensors Related Information

by Igor L. Myshkin, SWP General Manager



In this article we would like share the three years experience of existence of popular information Web resource www.sensorsportal.com, with high rate of visitors number growth from 107 countries world-wide. The basic objective of this unique Internet resource is creation the user-friendly specialized web portal for developers, manufacturers and consumers of sensors production with the aim to grant visitors by more extensive sensor-related information (sensors, actuators, MEMS, DAQ, measuring systems, accessory, etc.) and communicate buyers with manufacturers. We always supply users by freshen information about last science and technologies achievements in this area. Today, the portal itself has been become some kind of the big achievement among specialized Internet resources.


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The Quality Labeled Smart Sensor Systems EUROPRACTICE Course

has Taken Place in Delft (Photo-report)


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Rapid Field Screening for Soil Pollution


The determination of soil pollution requires a significant effort with respect tot sampling and analysis and interpretation of results. To reduce costs often too little information is generated for gaining a complete picture of the contamination at a specific site, which later may give rise to unpleasant surprises when performing an (in-situ) remediation. A rapid field screening procedure would facilitate the selection of sample locations and will yield reliable results and a more complete picture with less samples in less sampling rounds. As indicated the pre-screening, therefore, does not replace conventional site investigation techniques, because these are part of regulations and legislation. It, however, reduces the sampling and analytical effort required and it increases the reliability of an inventory, because it provides relevant information on the spatial distribution of pollutants on a site.

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BioSoil B.V., Nijverheidsweg 27

3341 LJ Hendrik Ido Ambacht, The Netherlands

Tel:  +3178 68 20140

Fax: +31 7868 18674

E-mail: info@biosoil.com

Early Warning System (EWS)




       EWS and sensor




Miniature, Lightweight, High Sensitivity, Triaxial ICP® Accelerometer


The Triaxial ICP® accelerometer. Model 354C10 from the Vibration Division of PCB Piezotronics, Inc., features a 10 mV/g output signal, 0.003 g resolution, and a small, all-welded, hermetically sealed, lightweight, titanium housing. Included are an integral, five-foot cable and an additional five-foot extension cable, which terminates in three BNC plugs. The unit is ideally suited for modal analysis, structural vibration testing, and general -purpose applications on small structures, brackets, and printed circuit boards. The unit's miniature size occupies a 0.55 square x 0.30 inch tall envelope and weighs just 5 grams. Shear mode, piezo-ceramic sensing elements account for high performance and accuracy through a frequency range of 2 to 8000 Hz (± 5%). Built-in microelectronic signal conditioning circuitry offers a low-noise, low impedance output signal while permitting long distance signal transmission and simplicity of operation. The durable design features thru-hole screw mounting or may be adhesively attached. Operating temperature range spans from - 65 to + 250 °F and the unit survives accidental shock inputs to 10,000 g.


Andrea Mohn,

Marketing Assistant

PCB Piezotronics, Inc.,

Vibration Division

E-mail: vibration@pcb.com

Triaxial accelerometer 354C10



Broad Frequency Response Piezoresistive Accelerometer


Endevco's new Model 7268B is a miniature triaxial piezoresistive accelerometer (measuring only .5" x .5" x .4") that is ideal for crash testing, flutter testing and other applications requiring minimal massloading and a broad frequency response. The Model 7268B employs three advanced micro-machined sensors based on Endevco's proprietary sensor design, which features both high output and high resonance frequency. Two active arms and two internal precision fixed resistors provide for shunt calibration, while internal diodes furnish electrostatic discharge protection. Integral mechanical overtravel stops provide product ruggedness for years of reliable service. A single integral cable carries the 12 wires to the sensor modules. Available in either ±500 g or ±2000 g full-scale models, the accelerometer meets SAE J211 specifications for anthropomorphic dummy instrumentation. It was originally designed for use in the new World SID (side impact dummy). The Model 7268B is under-damped, so negligible phase shift is present over the specified frequency range. With a frequency response extending down to DC (steady state) acceleration, the accelerometer is ideal for measuring long duration transients as well as short duration shocks.


Bruce Lent

Product Manager


Tel:  949-493-8181

E-mail: bruce.lent@endevco.com

7268B Triaxial Piezoresistive Accelerometer



4 to 20 mA Sensor to Signal Conditioner


IMI Sensors, a division of PCB Piezotronics, Inc., has released a DIN-rail mountable, ICP® sensor signal conditioner for converting the analog voltage measurement signals of industrial vibration sensors into 4 to 20 mA signals. Model 682A03 provides a choice of rms or peak acceleration, velocity, or displacement output signals as well as a selection of filtering ranges. In addition, the unit converts and delivers a second 4 to 20 mA output signal proportional to temperature to accommodate IMPs vibration sensors with built-in temperature sensors. Additional features include an analog output BNC for dynamic signal analysis and diagnostics, LED indicators for power, input fault, and selected output, and 500 VDC isolation. With this one powerful and versatile instrument, critical machinery vibration can be continuously monitored with PLC, DCS, SCADA , and alarm systems as well as analyzed and diagnosed with portable data collection and acquisition equipment.


Andrea Mohn,

Marketing Assistant

PCB Piezotronics, Inc.,

Fax: (716) 684-3823,

E-mail: imi@pcb.com

4 to 20 mA Sensor Signal Conditioner



Industry’s Precision Data Acquisition System-On-A-Chip


The MSC1210 from Texas Instruments achieves a new level of high-performance and functionality in mixed-signal processing. This 24-bit, low power (4mW) delta-sigma ADC integrates an enhanced 8051 processor core, Flash memory and a variety of on-chip peripherals including an additional 32-bit accumulator and an SPI compatible serial port. The high performance 8051 core executes up to 3x faster and at lower power than a standard 8051 core. Features:

  • 24-bits: no missing codes

  • 8 differential/single-ended inputs

  • PGA of 1:128

  • Precision VREF

  • Single Supply: 2.7 V to 5.25 V

  • 64-lead TQFP packaging

  • Memory: 100k erase/write cycles

  • Microcontroller Core: up to 6-MIPS operation

With its high level of analog and digital integration the MSC1210 is ideally suited for a wide range of precision applications requiring small size, high integration and user selectable features. Applications:

  • Industrial Process and Control

  • Medical Instrumentation

  • Liquid/gas chromatography

  • Weigh Scales

  • Portable instruments

  • Smart Transmitters

  • Intelligent Sensors

Texas Instruments News, May 2002


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