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No. 5, May 2001



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Sensor '2001: Pictures from Exhibition or Show Must Go On

By Sergey Y. YURISH, Editor-in-Chief





High Temperature Pressure Sensor Based On Thin Film Strain Gauges on Stainless Steel

for Continuous Cylinder Pressure Control

By Stefan Neumann, Managing Director, Imes GmbH




This paper describes the design and performance of imes long-life high-temperature thin film strain gauge pressure sensors that have been specifically developed for monitoring of reciprocating compressors, natural gas or diesel engines, and high-pressure fuel systems. In a robust, durable, and low-cost design imes pressure sensors utilize the principle of thin film layers. Basis is a thin film cell which forms a metal substrate. This is overlaid by insulation layers which form an electrical barrier to the metal. TION (Titanium oxi-nitride, patented) and nickel for the functional layers of the measuring cell , with the result that the substrate can be designed thicker, which in turn has a significant effect on the longevity of the sensor. Finally, the measuring cells are thermally aged at high temperature. Altogether the sensor is no bigger than a spark-plug.





Hydrogen Sulphide Sensor with Reduced Cross Sensitivity to Methanol


   City Technology announces the launch of a new high sensitivity hydrogen sulphide sensor, the 7HH/LM CiTiceL, with reduced cross sensitivity to methanol.

7HHLM sensor


IEE reveals Intelligent Tagging System (I-Tag)

Intelligent Tagging System


Low-Cost, High-Performance Piezoelectric Accelerometer Packaged

as Surface Mount Chip Component

12M1A Accelerometer


Liquid Level Sensors for All Applications

By Janet Killeen, PSM Instrumentation Limited


Trace Moisture - Analyser QTM 800 from cmc Instruments GmbH


DX-Series Handheld Precision IR Thermometers from Exegen Corp.


LS 1500 F Laser Range Finder Module


ODS 2000 Laser Distance Meter


OEM Rotary Torque Transducers





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