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'Smart Sensors and MEMS' - new NATO Advanced Study Institute (ASI)

will Promote Strong International Scientific Cooperation


Smart sensors are of great interest in many fields of industry, control systems, biomedical applications, etc. Rapid advances in IC technologies has brought new challenges in the physical design of integrated sensors and Micro-Electrical-Mechanical Systems (MEMS). Microsystem technology offers new way of combining sensing, signal processing and actuation on a microscopic scale and allows both traditional and new sensors to be realized for a wide range of applications and operational environments.


The main task of measuring instruments, sensors and transducers designing has been always to reach high metrology performances. At different stages of measurement technology development, this task was solved in different ways. They were technological methods, consisting in technology perfection, as well as structural and structural-algorithmic methods. Historically, technological methods have received prevalence in the USA, Japan and Western Europe. The structural and structural-algorithmic methods have received a broad development in the former USSR and continue developing in NIS countries. The improvement of metrology performances and extension of functional capabilities are being achieved through  the implementation of particular structures designed in most cases in heuristic way using advanced calculations, algorithms and signal processing. Digital and quasi-digital smart sensors and transducers are not the exception.


Today's crisis in area of high technologies has evidently shown, that it is not enough to use only the technological methods. It is also true in conditions of exacerbated defense against terrorism. Despite of crisis, we need smart sensors now with increased accuracy, reliability and speed. Today  intellectual sensors are extremely necessary for such applications, as electronic noses, smart vision systems, personnel (human body) detection, authentification systems, building monitoring system, etc. Most effectively for achievement of this purpose is a combination of technological methods and structural-algorithmic methods. It allows to achieve the same performances (or even better), but is significant smaller money and human expenses and much faster. Consequently, to bring together experts from the various interdisciplinary and highly diverse areas of this broad field along with researchers who utilize concepts of diffusion in their work in field of smart sensors and MEMS during the planned NATO ASI is very important and timely for the future developments in this emerging scientific area.


Timing of the proposed meeting is extremely appropriate as its subject reflects the growing importance of smart sensors and MEMS as a key tool for further development of different systems. Rapid progress in the field of microsystem technologies and  smart materials demands energetic efforts to contribute to the scientific education of a new generation of engineers and scientists with new expertise and deeper understanding of smart sensors. By bringing together leading researchers from the sensors science and MEMS communities, relevant information and experience will be conveyed that will allow scientists to learn more about the actual developments and future trends of each field. It is expected to foster contacts among the scientists and in this way to contribute to the development of this new and technological important field of science.


The NATO ASI 'Smart Sensors and MEMS', organized by International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) and University of Aveiro (Portugal) will present the state of the art and give an excellent opportunity to provide a systematic, in-depth, treatment of the new and rapidly developing field of smart sensors and MEMS by distinguished lecturers and promotion of international contacts among scientists. The ultimate goal of the NATO ASI is to encourage the participants from many countries to work together on different smart sensors related projects in the future.


For more information and registration please see the NATO ASI web page.


Welcome to NATO ASI 'Smart Sensors and MEMS' !


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Prof., Dr., Sergey Y. Yurish,


E-mail: info@senorsportal.com





Miniature, General-Purpose, Industrial Accelerometer


Depew, NY - IMI Sensors, a PCB Piezotronics division, announces the release of the Model 603C00 Industrial Accelerometer. Features include a 10 mV/g (1.02 m/s2) output signal, 500 g (4905 m/s2) measurement range, and 10 kHz (600k cpm) frequency range. Applications include imbalance, bearing monitoring, and gear mesh studies & diagnostics on high speed rotating machinery, spindles, and compressors. Additional features include small size, low cost, all-welded IP68 stainless steel housing, 2-pin MIL style connector, electrical case isolation, RFI, EMI, and mis-wiring protection. Versions with polyurethane. Teflon, and armored integral cables are also available.


Eric G. Yax

Sales Manager

IMI Sensors Division

Tel: (800) 959-4464

Fax: (716)684-3823

E-Mail: eyax@pcb.com

603C00 Industrial Accelerometer



Small-Size Transducer Offers Maximum Sensitivity for Static  and Dynamic Pressure Measurements


SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. – April 28, 2003 – Endevco’s Model 8520A rugged, piezoresistive pressure transducer achieves the highest sensitivity in its class using silicon strain gages bonded to a micro-machined silicon diaphragm. The Model 8520A combines excellent linearity (to 2X range) with very high resonance, making it ideal for a wide range of static or dynamic pressure measurements. Its miniature diameter 0.15 inch (3.8 mm) is especially well suited for measuring skin pressures on aircraft, inlet distortion pressures in turbine engines or small scale models in wind tunnels.


The Model 8520A offers superior performance in high temperatures up to +500°F (+260°C) and can operate with diminished lifetime to +600°F (+316°C). It vents to the atmosphere or to a standard reference manifold, or for differential pressure measurements. High levels of stability are maintained during temperature transients.



30700 Rancho Viejo Road

San Juan Capistrano, California 92675

Tel: (949) 493-8181

Fax: (949) 661-7231

Piezoresistive pressure transducer 8520A



Miniature Accelerometer Weighs Only 0.006 Ounces


The Vibration Division of PCB Piezotronics, Inc., introduces a new miniature Model 357A08 charge mode accelerometer designed for performing shock and vibration studies in space-restricted locations and on small, lightweight structures. The unit occupies a 0.11 x 0.16 x 0.27 inch (2.8 x 4.1 x 6.9 mm) envelope and, weighs a mere 0.006 ounces (0.16 grams) for minimal mass loading of the test article. The unit connects to  laboratory-style charge amplifiers or in-line charge converters, which condition the output signal for recording or analysis. The device features an operating temperature range of between -100 to 350° F (-73 to 177° C) and is ideally suited for thermal cycling and vibration stress screening of circuit boards, disc drive mechanisms, cellular phones. PDAs, and other electronics. Other applications include NVH studies on automotive parts and modal analysis of small structures and satellite components.


The sensor is structured with a shear mode, piezoceramic sensing element and produces a 0.3 pC/g output signal, with frequency response of up to 12 kHz and resonant frequency of greater than 70 kHz. Additional features include a 10,000 g shock limit, an anodized aluminum housing, a 3-56 coaxial electrical connector, and a 10 ft. (3 m) low-noise, miniature cable.


Craig S. Aszkler, 

Division Manager

Vibration Division

(888) 684-0013

Fax: (716)685-3886

E-Mail: caszkler@pcb.com

Miniature accelerometer 357A08



Mounting Clips For Accelerometers

Depew, NY - The Vibration Division of PCB Piezotronics, Inc., introduces a new line of Easy-Mount mounting clips for accelerometers. PCB's Easy-Mount clips allow for practical and economical installation of accelerometers in the modal analysis and structural testing of automobiles, aircraft, satellites, trains, and other large channel-count vibration testing applications.


PCB's Easy-Mount clips may be attached to the test structure using double-sided tape or adhesive. Once the clips are installed, accelerometers may simply be snapped into the clips to make vibration measurements. More measurement points and orientations can be accommodated with fewer sensors by installing Easy-Mount clips at all desired points, and populating them with as many sensors as are available. Sensors are then moved to remaining clip locations until all measurements are accomplished. Triaxial measurements can be made with single axis, cubic-shaped accelerometers by changing axis orientation for successive measurements.


Swivel-style Easy-Mount clips permit sensors installed on curved or sloped surfaces to be aligned along the desired plane and axis. These clips both rotate and pivot to provide flexibility in alignment.


Craig S. Aszkler

Division Manager

Vibration Division of PCB Piezotronics,

3425 Walden Avenue

Depew,NY 14043-2495

Phone: 888-684-0013

Fax: 716-685-3886


E-mail: vibration@pcb.com

Mounting Clips For Accelerometers



Dosimeter-Radiometer MKS-05 TERRA - Small-Size Measuring Device with Big Capabilities


Lviv, UA - Sparing-Vist Center introduces a new dosimeter - radiometer MKS-05 TERRA. This pocket size measuring instrument allows to measure in the real time the gamma and X-ray radiation equivalent dose and dose rate, beta-particles flux density and dose accumulation time. Five independent measurement channels with alternate indication of data on single liquid crystal display, automatic setting of measurement intervals and ranges, audible signaling of each registered gamma-quantum and beta-particle, and two-tone audible signal of excessive programmed threshold levels make the usage of this device very easy and comfortable.


The model MKS-05 combines a good accuracy, wide measuring ranges and short time of measurement. It is ideally suited for control of radiation dangers of natural, technogenesis and aforethought origin as radiation damaged building material, territories, foods, metal scrap, etc. The device occupies a 120 x 52 x 26 mm envelope and, weighs a mere 150 grams.


For more information please see Sensors Web Portal's e-Shop.


Sparing-Vist Center,


Lviv, UA

Dosimeter-Radiometer MKS-05 TERRA



The Possibilities are Limitless with 1 GHz DSP Technology from TI

Texas Instruments raises the bar on DSP performance once again by demonstrating the world's first DSP operating at 1 GHz. Sampling in 1 GHz DSPs offer breakthrough performance that will open doors to exciting applications such as base stations in the home and artificial eyes that allow reading, mobility and face recognition.


TI paved the way to 1 GHz DSP technology earlier this year with another performance milestone - 720 MHz DSPs. Currently the highest performance DSPs on the market, the 720 MHz DSPs offer more functionality, bandwidth and headroom and are code compatible.


Texas Instruments,

DSP University Program


E-mail: univ@ti.com



Optical CO2- and CH4-Sensors are Available for Process Applications Now


Now after making very good experiences using the sensors in the laboratory environment  these sensors can be offered for the use in a process environmental as well. For this they will be flanged to a pipe or directly at a vessel. There is also a special flow cell available. More information you will find at http://www.getsens.com



c/o Sentronic GmbH

Emil-Figge-Str. 76 - 80

44227 Dortmund, Germany

Tel. +49-231-9742285

Fax: +49-231-9742286

E-mail: s.thomassen@getSpec.com





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