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How Internet Development will Influence on Sensors Industry ?

Some notes after Internet Global Congress INET' 2004

(10-14 May 2004, Barcelona, Spain)


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INET 2004


Sergey Y. Yurish,






Application of Chemometrics Methods for Alkanes Qualitative Detection


Abstract: Chemometric method such as cluster and principal component analyses applied for alkanes C6-C10 detection in the air. To increase piezosensor selectivity to analytes L-apiezon is applied as active modifier. It is shown that processing of piezosensor signals to analytes with cluster and principal component analyses allows to refer (to identify) substance to the appropriate alkane (hexane, heptane, octane, nonane, decane).


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Andrew Kalach

Physical department, Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs,

Voronezh, Russia



Advanced Electronic Compass for Mining Applications


Abstract: As the Millennium approaches the mining industry shows growing demand for low cost tools which help to increase mining accuracy, provide information on the profile of the finished tunnel, and allow accurate multi-drilling and multi-directional alignment. Three-axis tilt and temperature compensated compass for mining application is described in the article. This new compass is able to read magnetic fields exceeding in magnitude the magnetic field of Earth. The sensor system includes magnetometer based on new advanced magneto-resistive MR magnetic sensors and linear tilt sensor.


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Eli Marianovsky,

Advanced Orientation Systems, Inc.,

Tel: 908-474-9595, fax: 908-474-9090



Determination of Nitromethane in the Air with the use of a Piezoelectric

Sensors Set and Pattern Recognition Technique


Abstract: To increase selectivity and sensitivity of determination of nitromethane in the air a set of piezoelectric gas sensors is proposed. In order to increase the differences between the signals sensor responses have been preliminary processed in accordance with the known algorithms. To determine nitrometane in the air an artificial neural network is applied and its parameters have been investigated.


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Andrew Kalach and Nikolay Klochkov,

Physical department, Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs,

Voronezh, Russia





Accelerometer Accurately Measures Rotational or Torsional Accelerations


SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. - May 12, 2004 - Endevco’s Model 7302BM4 angular accelerometer is designed to provide accurate measurements of rotational or torsional accelerations. The sensing system consists of a temperature compensated piezoresistive accelerometer, uniquely designed with a Wheatstone bridge element that provides high rejection of cross-axis angular and linear accelerations. Typical applications for the Model 7302BM4 accelerometer include the measurement of irregularities in shaft and drive train rotation for machine and turbine monitoring. The accelerometer is ideal for dynamic automotive applications including crash testing and suspension/chassis vibration monitoring. The accelerometer is also often employed in anthropomorphic crash test dummies to measure rotational body accelerations experienced under impact.


The Model 7302BM4 is fluid-damped to optimize frequency and phase response within a 0° to 250°F (-17°C to 120°C) temperature range. The accelerometer offers a stable frequency response from 0 to 1600 Hz and provides a linear output up to 50,000 rad/sec2. The 7302BM4 accelerometer provides a nominal sensitivity of 5.0 mV per krad/sec2 with 10 Vdc excitation voltage and offers high angular and linear shock resistance.


Endevco’s Model 136 Three-Channel System, Model 4430A or OASIS 2000 Computer Controlled System are recommended as signal conditioner and power supply.


Endevco Corporation

30700 Rancho Viejo Road

San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Tel: (949) 493-8181

Fax: (949)-661-7231

E-mail: applications@endevco.com

7302BM4 angular accelerometer



Multi-purpose 4-20 mA Sensor


Depew, NY - A new Series 640B vibration sensor from the IMI Division of PCB Piezotronics offers optional temperature signal. This two wire, loop-powered, current output sensor is available with either top exit or side exit with patented 360-degree swivel mount technology and is able to interface with existing alarm, control, and monitoring systems such as PLC's, DCS's, and SCADA systems.

Optional temperature range is from -40 to +185 °F (-40 to +85 °C), with the vibration signal offered in peak velocity, rms velocity, and rms acceleration versions. These sensors have improved RF filtering, withstand exposure to harsh industrial environments, and are used for monitoring rotating machinery, gears, bearings, and motors.


Tim Geiger, Division Manager

IMI Sensors Division

3425 Walden Avenue

Depew, NY 14043-2495

Tel: (800) 959-4464, fax: (716)684-3823

E-mail: tgeiger@pcb.com

Series 640B vibration sensor



High Precision/High Torque, Direct-drive Rotary Positioning Stages


Aldermaston - UK, In response to manufacturing industry's demands for cost efficient production systems with increased accuracy, elevated duty cycle and faster throughput, Aerotech have developed a new range competitively priced, precision rotary positioning stages featuring direct drive, high torque, brushless servomotors with a low profile design that out-performs conventional worm/wheel tables and will minimise stack height related errors.


The new ADRS range takes advantage of Aerotech's brushless, direct-drive servo technology and has a slotless stator with no iron laminations; this eliminates torque ripple and allows "cog free" ultra-smooth velocity control comparable to that of a high quality brushed DC motor. The motor is directly coupled to the table top, the preloaded bearing system and the high accuracy rotary encoder ensuring that velocity instability is reduced to a minimum compared to traditional toothed belt and worm driven rotary tables; with the added bonus of higher slewing speeds to help increase production throughput. As well as offering excellent acceleration capability to quickly position the load, the in-position stability and inherent zero backlash of Aerotech's direct-drive technology is perfectly matched to high precision applications. Furthermore, all magnetic fields from the motor are shielded internally, eliminating the need for extra engineering costs when building the stages into electromagnetically sensitive equipment.


Aerotech, Ltd., Jupiter House,

Calleva Park, Aldermaston,

Berkshire RG7 8NN, UK

Phone: +44 (0)118 940 9400

Fax: +44 (0)118 940 9401

Rotary positioning stages



Float Level Switches Feature Lowest Cost and Largest Selection of Float Designs


Prairieville, LA  - K-TEK, a manufacturer of state-of-the-art level instrumentation for liquid and bulk solids detection, today announced the MS50, the latest version of the company's low cost float level switch. Priced up to 25% less than competitive models, the MS50 is designed to reliably handle a wide range of applications, including sump level control, alarms, and shutdowns. Each switch features application-specific float designs that optimize performance and reliability in the fluid being measured, whether butane, propane, oil, acid, water, or interfaces between two fluids. A unique magnetic coupling ensures optimal switch performance throughout the life of the unit. The MS50 can be equipped with up to six SPDT switch points per unit. For maximum up-time, a K-TEK latching switch design allows each point to be adjusted and replaced in the field.


The MS50 is FM Approved and CSA Certified for use in hazardous areas A high temperature option handles process temperatures up to 3000F/1490C. For high vibration/shock applications, such as transportation, a multi-float option uses special non-latching reed switches and stop collars to guarantee reliable switching.


Kevin Hambrice,

Director of Marketing, K-TEK,

18321 Swamp Road, Prairieville, LA 70769 USA

+1 225.673.6100, Fax: +1 225.673.2525

E-mail: khambrice@ktekcorp.com

Float level switch MS50



Infrared Gas Sensors - the IRceLTM


City Technology are pleased to announce the launch of a new range of infrared gas sensors - the IRceL
  • IRceL™ is a new range of miniature non-dispersive infrared sensors (NDIR).

  • IRceL™ is available in two versions for detecting carbon dioxide or hydrocarbons.

  • IRceL™ CO2 - range: 0 - 5% CO2

  • IRceL™ HC - range: 0-100% LEL n-pentane.

  • Size - IRceL™ is the industry standard "4-Series" format (16.6mm high by 20.4mm diameter).

Infrared gas sensors

John Warburton

Marketing Manager

City Technology Ltd.

Tel: +44 (0) 23 9228 8105




New Robust Laser Transmitter Accurately Measures Level,

Distance and Position


Prairieville, LA (May 12, 2004)- K-TEK, a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art level instrumentation for liquid and bulk solids detection, today announced the LM200Ѓ laser transmitter designed for measurement of dry bulk solids, opaque liquids, and slurries at distances of up to 200 feet (60 meters). The unit features an advanced timing system and sophisticated, self-correcting signal processing functions that allow it to accurately and reliably measure level, distance, and position in the harshest of conditions. The LM200 works even in the presence of dust, vapors, or turbulence, as are commonly found in large silos of coal, grain, or plastics, and in underground mines or quarries. The system№s all-digital design provides speed and accuracy in a compact unit. A rugged, powder coated aluminum enclosure, rated for IP65 or NEMA 4X, with CL II and III, Div 1 and 2, Gr E, F, G dust ignition proof ratings to FM and CSA, ensures operation in a variety of challenging environments. Stainless steel dust tubes prevent dust build-up and protect the optical lens from being coated.


"K-TEK's laser measurement technology is designed specifically for the difficult and unpredictable conditions found in most industrial environments," said Ivo Radanov, Product Manager for Lasers and Ultrasonics at K-TEK Corp. "Dust, vibration, and constantly changing levels with great reposing angles are a challenge for most non-contact measurement technologies, such as ultrasonic and open air radar, due to their inherent 'beam spread' nature (9 to 24). The LM200 combines accurate, long distance laser measurements with no beam divergence (less than 0.2љ). Therefore, in many applications, the laser goes beyond the point where other technologies stop. The advanced dust penetration software allows the unit to adapt to a variety of tough environmental conditions. It's robustness and accuracy, as well as the advantages of laser technology, are all rolled into one package. Add in the very competitive price and you have a winner in the LM200."


Kevin Hambrice,

Director of Marketing, K-TEK

18321 Swamp Road, Prairieville,

LA 70769, USA

Tel: +1 225.673.6100

Fax: +1 225.673.2525

E-mail: khambrice@ktekcorp.com


Laser Transmitter LM200



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