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No. 9, September 2001



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IFSA Celebrates 2-year Anniversary


In August 2001, International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) celebrates its second anniversary, making it one of the most experienced professional association in the world. "When IFSA was founded in 1999, a few international cooperations related to frequency-time domain smart sensors were known. Since then, IFSA has continually promoted new technologies and products to set the pace for the growth of smart sensors world-wide. ", remarked Dr. Nikolay V. Kirianaki, IFSA President. "We have been pioneers in many areas", said Igor L. Myshkin, General Manager of Sensors Web Portal Inc. "IFSA started with a focus on smart sensors with aim to join novel technologies, novel methods and principles. We have launched one of the biggest specialized  Internet  resource - vertical sensors web portal with free monthly up-dated content which is now being used in 92 countries. Through the years, we have expanded our activities to include consulting and training services. The members area reflecting what is new in smart sensors technologies has been opened ", Mr. Myshkin added.


Now, sensors web portal will continue to growth and specialize in B2B sensors e-commerce. We would like congratulate 196 IFSA members from 48 countries and all sensors web portal visitors with IFSA anniversary.




Dr. Sergey Y. Yurish

Editor in Chief





A Small Flight Simulator with Double Functions

Liu Qinyan, Li Yong, Zhou Zhaoying, Zheng Yunfei



A semi-substance simulation test system is developed for the test and experiment of micro sensors and micro measuring units used in micro aerial vehicles. The simulator is designed with double functions. The bottom mechanism provides yawing angular motion. The middle mechanism provides pitching angular motion. And the top mechanism provides rolling angular motion. When the bottom mechanism is used individually, the system works as a rotating table. The mechanical system is constructed with three independent axles to fulfill the corresponding three angular motions. The top mechanism and the middle mechanism are highly coaxial and at the same height for the accuracy requirement. The three axes intersect at the same point. The external dimension of the simulator is 320x 280x270. And the effect load dimension is f150mm. The performances of the computer controlled prototype are as follows: the angular accuracies of yawing, pitching and rolling are 0.45°, 0.05°and 0.01°respectively.


Department of Precision Instruments and Mechanology

Tsinghua University (100084), Beijing, China

Tel: 86-10-62772212, Fax: 86-10-62784691

E-mail: liuqy@post.pim.tsinghua.edu.cn

Experimental set up




Miniature and Subminiature Piezoresistive Pressure Transducers


SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO. Calif. - Endevco Corporation's new 8500 family of rugged, piezoresistive, miniature and subminiature pressure transducers feature an active four-arm strain gage bridge diffused into a sculptured silicon diaphragm for maximum sensitivity and wideband frequency response. Self-contained hybrid temperature compensation provides for stable performance over a wide temperature range. The 8500 family of pressure transducers also features excellent linearity, high shock resistance, and excellent stability during thermal transients. Transducers are an excellent choice for measuring pressure variants on wind tunnel models, skin pressures on aircraft, transmission pressures in automobiles, and making jet engine inlet acoustic studies.



8500 Piezoresistive Pressure Transducer

New Piezoelectric Accelerometers for Vibration Measurement of Industrial Machinery


SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. - Endevco Corporation's new 5220/5221 series of industrial accelerometers is designed specifically for vibration measurement in the rugged environments of machinery monitoring. The accelerometers incorporate internal signal conditioning to provide an output impedance of less than 50um. Additional features include a + 80g dynamic range, 100mV/g sensitivity, an extremely low noise floor, active 2-pole low-pass filter for resonance suppression, and hermetic sealing to ensure long-term operation with excellent stability. Faraday shielding minimizes sensitivity to ESD. The accelerometers operate within a temperature range of -58°F to 257°F (-50°C to 125°C). The 5220/5221 series accelerometers feature Endevco's PIEZITE® Type P-8 crystal element, operating in shear mode. Model 5220 series are provided with %-28UNF mounting stud and M8 x 1.25-6g metric adapter mounting stud. The Model 5221 has both an 1/4-28UNRF and M6 x 1-6g mounting bolts to accommodate either English or metric mounting threads.



5220/5221 accelerometers

New Test System Employs "Back-to-Back" Comparison Method for Calibrating Most Types of Accelerometers


SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. - Endevco Corporation's new Model 28990 Accelerometer Calibration System facilitates the calibration of accelerometers by the comparison method. The system consists of an Endevco Model 2270 primary standard accelerometer and its associated charge converter, a charge converter for the test channel, and a computer-controlled rack with two general-purpose Model 4430A bridge signal conditioners. An absolute calibration of the standard accelerometer Model 2270 employs the reciprocity technique, which relates the accelerometer's sensitivity to measurements of voltage ratio, resistance, frequency and mass. With the appropriate plug-in modules, the system can provide gain and excitation for most types of accelerometers, including piezoelectric (PE), piezoresistive (PR), current-driven integral electronic PE (ISOTRON®), and variable capacitance (MICROTRON®).


28990 Accelerometer Calibration System

PDA Software for Nip Calculations

by Gerard E. Mayers


Sensor–Experts.com introduces a software program, Nip-Stat®, enabling fast calculation of many different nip roller equations for Palm based platforms.


 Nip-Stat® allows the engineer to easily perform the following web oriented calculations: crown correction, cover deflection, crown of roll and crown at station, P&J to modulus, water cooling, speed differential, desphande (for hard-to-soft roll nip width prediction; soft at 2 P&J and softer) and hertzian stress formulas (for hard on hard applications of 1 P&J or harder).


Nip-Stat® operates on Palm OS2.0 and higher compatible devices, including Palm VII/V/III series models, the Symbol SPT 1500/1700 family, Handspring Visor, IBM WorkPad PC, Handera models, Sony Clie and Palm Desktop (3.0 or higher). For successful installation of Nip-Stat®, Windows 98/NT4/ME/2000 is required. The program is economically priced at just $39.


For more information, please contact Bill Ebner by phone (+1/973.560.9092) or e-mail sales@sensor-experts.com



PalmPilot. Click to see big picture

DCH H2SCAN™ Hydrogen-Specific Sensing Instrument


VALENCIA, CALIFORNIA. Diversified Commercial Hydrogen (DCH) Technology, Inc. announces the introduction of the H2SCAN™ Model 11120 Hydrogen-Specific Portable Sensing Instrument for monitoring the presence of hydrogen in air. The instrument integrates the state-of-the-art thin-film DCH Robust Hydrogen Sensor® with control electronics that gather, analyze, and communicate data to the instrument operator or to an external process monitor/control system. The Sensor Module is easily detached from the Hand Held Instrument and attached to the Wand Assembly to extend the sensor reach by 24 inches. LED and LCD displays provide information to the operator during portable applications. An Analog Output Port (0-5 V/4-20mA), programmable to need, finks the instrument to the external monitor/control. H2SCAN™ also includes an RS232 Connector for interfering with a computer or other diagnostic tool. H2SCAN™ is powered by an internal battery (1.5 A @ 12VDC) or through an external power supply. Model 11120 comes packaged in a long-life ABS case. A dual battery charger is available as an option. Standard equipment on the H2Scan™ Model 11120 includes the Hand Held Instrument, Wand Extension, Battery and Charger. Delivery available from stock.


For more information, please contact Dennis Reid at (661) 775.8120.





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