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Vol. 36, Issue 10,  October 2003, pp. 8-15




Choosing an Ultrasonic Sensor for Ultrasonography



Institute of Fundamental Technological Research,

Polish Academy of Sciences, Swietokrzyska 21, 00 049 Warsaw, Poland

Phone: ++48-22-8261281, E-mail: igortr@ippt.gov.pl



Received: 8 October 2003      / Accepted: 18 October 2003      / Published: 27 October 2003


Abstract: Ultrasonic imaging and tissue characterization is a noninvasive technique widely used in medicine for many years to assess body conditions. However, the expertise required to operate the equipment and interpret the results is not always available. The medical ultrasonography project is developing a system concept for a remotely steerable, multibeam ultrasonic scanner that can be operated by skilled medical personnel. The properly chosen ultrasonic sensor and duration of signal play an important role in ultrasonography. The choice of the ultrasonic sensor is influenced by a variety of parameters among which are: type and frequency of the signal, spectrum width of the signal, which in turn depend on the environment and object under consideration. The most frequently used signals are short sine burst, Barker code, chirp signal and Golay sequences. Each signal has its own features and peculiarities that distinguish it from the others and considerably determine the sensor's properties.


Keywords: frequency bandwidth of the ultrasonic sensor, composite ultrasonic sensor, burst signal selection, coded excitation, Golay sequences


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