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Vol. 37, Issue 11,  November 2003, pp. 38-46




VHDL- AMS Behavioral Modeling of Smart Sensors


Elena MARTIN and Carles FERRER


Institut de Microelectronica de Barcelona (IMB-CNM, CSIC),

Unitat de Microelectronica, Department d'Informatica, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona,

Campus Universitari, 08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona), Spain

Phone: +34-93.594.77.00 ext. 1205, E-mail: Elena.Martin@cnm.es



Received: 11 November 2003  /Accepted: 18 November 2003  /Published: 22 November 2003


Abstract: This paper deals with some developing architectures and design methodologies for Microsystems integration. Our research activity can be summarized in the following parts: Behavioral modeling, Signal Conditioning and Data Processing and communication. The work that will be presented is related to the Behavioral Modellization of Smart Sensors with VHDL-AMS. This methodology has been applied to a demonstrator developed in CNM, which includes 3 axial and mono-axial accelerometers. The accelerometer can be described as a piezoresistive accelerometer based in a SOI wafer. The models are constructed using VHDL-AMS modeling language, the analogue and mixed-signal extension of modeling standardized by IEEE as the 1076.1-1999. It can be used to describe non-electrical signal or electrical signal, and also allows the combination of discrete and continuous time language constructs. The development of behavioral models for the sensors would permit to simulate them with the models for the electronic signal conditioning from the early design phases.


Keywords: Microsystems integration, behavioral modeling, smart sensors, accelerometers, VHDL-AMS


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