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Vol. 74, Issue 12, December 2006, pp. 839-843




Experimental Validation of Fluorescence Intensity Ratio /Fluorescence Lifetime Temperature Sensing Technique


Vineet Kumar Rai and S. B. Rai

Laser and Spectroscopy Laboratory

Department of Physics

Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-221005, India

Tel.: 91-542-2307308, e-mail: vineetkrrai@yahoo.co.in


Received: 11 December 2006   /Accepted: 26 December 2006   /Published: 29 December 2006



Abstract: Both the temperature sensing scheme FIR and FL has been compared on the basis of the experimentally observed data from Eu3+ doped calibo glass having the energy level separation (∆E~1725cm-1) between the two 5D1 and 5D0 levels. On the basis of the error estimations and the sensitivity values as observed it is concluded that the FIR technique would be the better one to monitor the temperature over a wide range 298-550K temperature compared to the FL technique.


Keywords: Fluorescence lifetime; Fluorescence intensity ratio; Triply ionized europium; Sensitivity; Quantum efficiency; Upconvertors


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