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Vol. 42, Issue 4, April 2004, pp. 201-207




Multisensor System Application for CO2–extracts of Spices Identification



Physical department, Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs,

Patriots ave., 53, 394053 Voronezh, Russia

Phone: +7-0732-410468, e-mail: andrey_kalach@mnogo.ru


Received: 20 March 2004   /Accepted: 16 April 2004   /Published: 20 April 2004


Abstract: For identification of CO2 – extracts of spices (black pepper, nutmeg and coriander) were used a multisensor system consist of 7 quarts crystal resonators modified by different sorbents. As possible sorbents for piezosensors modification fullerene, apiezon L, proksanol 268, polymethylphenylsilicon, triton X – 305, 18-crown-6, polyvinylpyrrolidone were investigated. Presentation of multivariable data involving signals of piezosensors by principal component analysis allows identifying CO2– extracts of the investigated spices. The relationship of sorbents polarity with identification CO2 – extracts possibility were determined.


Keywords: piezosensors, CO2-extracts, multisensor system, principal component analysis


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