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Vol. 42, Issue 4, April 2004, pp. 214-219




Detection of Human Papilloma Virus with Piezoelectric Quartz Crystal Genesensors


Weiling FU, Qing HUANG, Jianghua WANG, Minghua LIU, Junfu HUANG, Bing CHEN

Department of Laboratory Medicine, Southwest Hospital, Gaotanyan Road, Chongqing, 400038, China

Tel: 8623 6875 4429, fax: 8623 6546 0909, e-mail: weilingfu@yahoo.com


Received: 23 March 2004   /Accepted: 16 April 2004   /Published: 20 April 2004


Abstract: In present studies, piezoelectric genesensors (PG) was in-house fabricated and then used to identify human papilloma viruses (HPV) in recurrent (22 samples) and original (22 samples) pathological biopsy specimens. PCR and associated dot blot hybridizations were both used to further confirm the results attained from PG instruments. Of the 22 recurrent specimens, 15 samples were positive for HPV6, 2 for HPV 11, 4 for HPV16 and none for HPV18, respectively. And only one sample was negative for any types of HPV. Of the 22 original specimens, 17 samples were positive for HPV6, 3 for HPV 11, 2 for HPV16 and none for HPV18, respectively. When above results were compared with PCR and dot blot hybridizations, they were essentially same except for one specimen. The results showed that the PG technique is a rapid and specific method to analyze HPV.


Keywords: gene chip, piezoelectric genesensors, human papilloma virus


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