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Vol. 44, Issue 6, June 2004, pp. 264-272




High Temperature, Through The Case, Eddy Current Blade Tip Sensors


1Andreas von Flotow, 2Michael J. Drumm

1Hood Technology Corporation, 

1750 Country Club Drive, Hood River OR 97031 541 387-2288
E-mail: andy@hoodtech.com

2ExSell inc., 964 Autumn Oak Circle, Concord CA 94521 925 685-0227

E-mail: mdrumm@exsellinc.com


Received: 22 April 2004  /Accepted: 14 June 2004  /Published: 30 June 2004


Abstract: Hood Technology has developed eddy current sensors that can operate up to 1000°F and can see “through the case” of an engine and make measurements of blade tip timing, tip clearance and interblade angle. These measurements are used in conjunction with a Non-Intrusive Stress Measurement System (The Hood Kit NSMS) to detect synchronous resonances, the onset of rotating stall, asynchronous vibration like blade flutter, foreign-object-damage, High Cycle Fatigue of blades and Low Cycle Fatigue of disks (crack detection). The technology has been demonstrated in the laboratory, in spin pit testing, and on live engine tests up to 1000°F. Preliminary experiments have shown that it also has the potential for extension to cryogenic temperatures for use in turbo-pumps for rocket motors, and to turbine temperatures (approximately 2000°F).


Keywords: eddy current sensors, blade tip timing, stress measuring system, vibration


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