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Vol. 14-1, Special Issue, March 2012, pp.134-150




Differential Search Coils Based Magnetometers: Conditioning, Magnetic Sensitivity, Spatial Resolution


1 Timofeeva Maria, 1,2 Allegre Gilles, 1,2 Robbes Didier, 1,3 Flament Stéphane

1 GREYC – UMR 6072, 6 Bd Mal Juin, 14050 CAEN Cedex, France

2 Université de Caen, Bd Mal Juin, 14050 CAEN Cedex, France

3 ENSICAEN, 6 Bd Mal Juin, 14050 CAEN Cedex, France

E-mail: sflament@ensicaen.fr



Received: 24 November 2011   /Accepted: 20 December 2011   /Published: 12 March 2012

Digital Sensors and Sensor Sysstems


Abstract: A theoretical and experimental comparison of optimized search coils based magnetometers, operating either in the Flux mode or in the classical Lenz-Faraday mode, is presented. The improvements provided by the Flux mode in terms of bandwidth and measuring range of the sensor are detailed. Theory, SPICE model and measurements are in good agreement. The spatial resolution of the sensor is studied which is an important parameter for applications in non destructive evaluation. A general expression of the magnetic sensitivity of search coils sensors is derived. Solutions are proposed to design magnetometers with reduced weight and volume without degrading the magnetic sensitivity. An original differential search coil based magnetometer, made of coupled coils, operating in flux mode and connected to a differential transimpedance amplifier is proposed. It is shown that this structure is better in terms of volume occupancy than magnetometers using two separated coils without any degradation in magnetic sensitivity. Experimental results are in good agreement with calculations.


Keywords: Search coil sensor, Magnetometer, Magnetic, Sensitivity, Transimpedance amplifier, Spatial resolution


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