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Special Issue: Modern Sensing Technologies

Vol. 90, April 2008, pp. 160-173



Gas Sensing Performance of Pure and Modified BST Thick Film Resistor


*1G. H. Jain, 2V. B. Gaikwad, 1D. D. Kajale, 2R. M. Chaudhari,
2R. L. Patil, 3N. K. Pawar, 1M. K. Deore, 2S. D. Shinde and 4L. A. Patil

1Department of Physics, Arts, Commerce and Science College,
Nandgaon, India 423 106,

2Department of Chemistry, K. T. H. M. College,
Nashik, India 422 002,

3Department of Physics, K.A.A.N.S. Arts, Commerce and Science College, Satana, India,

 4Material Science Laboratory, Pratap College,
Amalner, India 425 401

*E-mail: gotanjain@rediffmail.com



 Received: 15 October 2007   /Accepted: 20 February 2008   /Published: 15 April 2008


Abstract: Barium Strontium Titanate (BST-(Ba0.87Sr0.13)TiO3) ceramic powder was prepared by mechanochemical process. The thick films of different thicknesses of BST were prepared by screen-printing technique and gas-sensing performance of these films was tested for various gases. The films showed highest response and selectivity to ammonia gas. The pure BST film was surface modified by surfactant CrO3 by using dipping technique. The surface modified film suppresses the response to ammonia and enhances to H2S gas. The surface modification of films changes the adsorption-desorption relationship with the target gas and shifts its selectivity. The gas response, selectivity, response and recovery time of the pure and modified films were measured and presented.


Keywords: Barium Strontium Titanate, Thick films, Ammonia gas sensor, H2S gas sensor, Selectivity


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