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Special Issue: Modern Sensing Technologies

Vol. 90, April 2008, pp. 294-301



A Forward Solution for RF Impedance Tomography in Wood



1Lincoln Technology
Lincoln Ventures Ltd, Lincoln University, New Zealand
2Faculty of Agriculture
Shizuoka University, Shizuoka, 422-8529, Japan
3Streat Technology Ltd.
c/o Lincoln Ventures Ltd, Lincoln University, New Zealand,
E-mail: woodhead@lvl.co.nz, sobue@shizuoka.ac.jp, platti@lvl.co.nz, christij@lvl.co.nz



 Received: 15 October 2007   /Accepted: 20 February 2008   /Published: 15 April 2008


Abstract: Both integral equation and differential equation methods enable modelling current and hence impedance of wood, to provide the forward solution for impedance tomography that in turn provides a measure of its internal moisture distribution. Previously, we have used a series impedance model and successfully demonstrated measurement of internal moisture distribution. Here we describe the adaptation of our integral equation method for this application. This has required an alternative calculation to model the impressed field from the segmented electrodes used in the measurements to date, and we demonstrate distortion of the anomalous field due to the presence of a wood dielectric, and the field magnitude. Further work will be required to translate the resulting field distribution from our model, to complex current and hence impedance readings, to allow completion of tomographic reconstruction using this approach.


Keywords: Impedance, Tomography, Heterogeneous, Model, Wood


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