Bullet Sensors & Transducers e-Digest, Vol. 42, Issue 4,  April 2004: Product News

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New Early Condensation Detector


Cooled ceilings and other surfaces with temperature close to dew point temperature are common in both HVAC and industrial applications. The new EE45 from E+E Elektronik is designed for early detection and alarm of the danger of condensation on ducts and plain surfaces. Both sensing element and electronics are protected against pollution by a special coating, while the robust housing makes the instrument highly insensitive to mechanical stress.


The high-precision E+E humidity sensor element is kept at the same temperature as the test object by a thermo-conductive layer. This way, the EE45 measures exactly the relative humidity on the duct or on the surface. If the relative humidity measured exceeds 90% RH, the switch output of EE45 will trigger adjustments of parameters like water temperature in the cooled ceiling, air conditioning set-up and temperature of heaters in order to reduce relative humidity and avoid condensation.


Ing. Werner Hentscholek,

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EE45 sensor



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