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Shiva Electronics

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Photoelectric Sensor for Hopper Level Control Application



Shiva Electronics has developed a new Photoelectric Sensor for Hopper Level Control application. The sensor uses invisible infrared light beam to determine the distance to the top level. The sensor can be very reliably used to maintain sufficient material in the hopper by controlling the inlet valve. This sensor is available in M36 brass chrome plated housing and works on 12VDC or 24VDC supply. Sensing range is between 100mm and 600mm.

The switch is designed very user-friendly by providing a ĎTEACH-INí button and  red LED for selection of Lower level and Upper level. The levels are stored in non-volatile memory, so whenever power fails or switched off, the level settings remain intact. A green LED is provided for output ON/OFF indication. NPN or PNP transistor output is available to drive inlet valve and is protected for short circuit, overload and Inductive load.

The specialty of this switch is, itís functioning is independent of object colour. If you set levels on white object and use for red, black, blue or any colour object you get the same level control. Except for water-clear material it works fine for all other colour material. This switch is very useful for Pharmaceutical, Foods, Packaging and Plastic industries.








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