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Accelerometer Calibration Workstation Fits Every Need


Cincinnati, OH THE MODAL SHOP, INC., a PCB Group Co., covers the complete range of accelerometer calibration needs with its workhorse Model 9155C Accelerometer Calibration Workstation.  ICP, charge, shock, piezoresistive, capacitive, velocity, high-frequency and low-frequency vibration sensors can all be calibrated for sensitivity and phase, verified for linearity or resonance checked with the multitude of options available for the system.


Calibrations are performed using the 'back-to-back' method according to ISO 16063-21.  Customizable data reports are generated within Microsoft Excel that conform to the requirements of ISO 17025 for calibration certificates aiding customers who require A2LA certification.


A state-of-the-art air-bearing shaker, with expanded frequency range to 20 kHz, is available for users who want ultra-low transverse motion not available with traditional flexure based calibration shakers, as well as ease-of-use not usually associated with air-bearing shakers.  Additionally, configurations are available that empower the Model 9155C user to calibrate low-frequency sensors down to 0.5 Hz, perform resonance testing up to 50 kHz, calibrate shock sensors from 20g to 10,000g, perform shunt calibration, and check linearity to 40g.  To customize the system to exactly fit your unique requirements there are available options for multiple signal conditioning, seamless TEDS support, barcode label printing and rack mounting.


For more information on the Model 9155C Accelerometer Calibration Workstation including a complete options list and configuration guide, contact THE MODAL SHOP, INC., 3149 E. Kemper Road Cincinnati, OH 45241-1516, Internet: www.modalshop.com, (800) 860-4867, (513) 351-9919, fax (513) 458-2172 or e-mail: info@modalshop.com.





Scott Sorensen, The Modal Shop, Inc.

3149 E. Kemper Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45241

Tel.: (513) 351-9919, fax (513) 458-2172

E-mail: ssorensen@modalshop.com

Model 9155C Accelerometer Calibration Workstation





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