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Special Discount for Pressurex Pressure Indicating Sensor Film Offered to Support Academic Research


MADISON, N.J. (USA) – August 17, 2010 – To spur research and development efforts, Sensor Products Inc. is offering special discount on its versatile Pressurex® pressure-indicating sensor film starting this summer. Over the past decade, Sensor Products Inc. has amassed hundreds of White Papers that were written using the sensor film and would like to see this research effort continue unabated by the recession.  Pressurex® is very unique as it is a film that can be placed at the interface to map and measure surface contact pressures between 2 -- 43,200 PSI (0.14 – 3,000 g/cm2).  The 10 % discount is available to researchers until November 30, 2010 who work for an accredited academic or research institution. A complimentary sample may be obtained by first time users by contacting Sensor Products Inc. at 1.973.884.1755 (USA), emailing


Pressurex® reveals pressure distribution and magnitude between mating or impacting surfaces.  When placed in the interface, the film changes color in direct proportion to the actual pressure applied. The result is an instantaneous and permanent “topographical” image of pressure magnitude and distribution across the contact area.  Precise pressure magnitude is easily determined by comparing color variation results to a color correlation chart (conceptually similar to interpreting Litmus paper). Although available, no additional imaging is required.


The film is routinely used to trouble shoot assembly problems, aid in research and design, and reveal defects during quality control. It is flexible, conforming to curved as well as straight surfaces and can be hand or laser cut to virtually any size or dimension. New applications for Pressurex® are being discovered daily. Common applications include contact pressure measurement of nip rollers, gasket and bolted joint interfaces, connectors, heat sealers, heat sinks, biomechanics, lamination, wafer polishing and bonding, composite lay up, and plastic molding, to name just a few.


“We are delighted to offer this discount, that we hope will jumpstart new projects” says Jeffrey Stark, president of Sensor Products Inc.  “Researchers set the stage for technical development which we fully support.”


All applications for Pressurex® may be viewed online at





Arlene Gleicher

Sensor Products, Inc.

300 Madison Avenue

Madison, NJ 07940 USA

Tel.: 1.973. 884-1755 x5826, fax: 1.973.884.1699


Pressurex Pressure Indicating Sensor Film





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