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Charge-Mode General Purpose Dynamic

Force Sensors


Depew, NY - Series Charge-Mode Force Sensors measure dynamic and quasi-static forces over a wide, full-scale measurement range of 10 Ib to 5000 Ib. Ruggedly constructed of stainless steel and hermetically sealed to protect against contamination, these miniature sensors are designed with pre-loaded quartz disks, enabling operation in compression, tension, or impact mode.


Series 218 sensors offer high overload (160% full scale), operating temperatures up to 400F (204C), supplied with English and metric mounting studs and a removable impact cap that assures even distribution of load forces over the sensing surface. Ideal applications include stamping, modal analysis force input, tensile testing, drop and impact testing, fatigue testing, material testing, and biomechanics.


218 Series Charge-Mode General Purpose Dynamic Force Sensor


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Andrea Mohn, Marketing Assistant

PCB Piezotronics, Inc.

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E-mail: amohn@pcb.com


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