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Bottle Filling Made Easier With Accurate, Reliable MTS Level Sensors


MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division's M-Series sensors are currently being used to monitor liquid level in filler bowls-holding tanks that are used for gravity feed flow control for the dispensing of liquids into bottles or containers. Combining the unparalleled accuracy and reliability of MTS magnetostrictive sensors with Temposonics® technology and a sanitary pipe assembly with a tri-clamp flange that have been certified as 3-A compliant, the M-Series is the ideal sensor for bottle filling processes. The foam generated during the filling process will not affect the accuracy of the level measurement due to the fact that the float will rest on the liquid and not the foam. Other effects from the harsh environment inside the filling bowl, such as vapor and spray, will also not effect the level accuracy because the sensing element is enclosed in the sanitary pipe and does not come in direct contact with the liquid.


“In the bottle filling process, it is imperative for the filler bowl to maintain a fairly constant liquid level in order to avoid over- or under-filling,” says Adrian Totten, level products marketing manager for MTS.  “The accuracy and reliability of the M-Series sensors ensure that the filler bowl will always have the correct amount of liquid and will not be affected by the foam or vapor.”


As a gravity-fed mechanism, the filler bowls work by using the natural pressure of the liquid to fill each bottle. The liquid in the filler bowl must be kept at a constant level, so the pressure within the filler bowl remains consistent, in order to avoid over- or under-filling the bottles.  The accuracy of the M-Series sensor ensures that the liquid level will remain the same throughout production, and will maintain its precision despite the presence of foam or shock and vibration.


With a non-linearity of 0.02% and a repeatability of 0.001%, the M-Series level sensors are some of the most accurate and affordable level gauges on the market.  The sensors are maintenance-free with no recalibration needed and are available in digital and analog formats.  The M-Series analog sensor has a gauge order length of 500 mm to 2540 mm and an output of 4-20 mA.  The M-Series sensors are available with a variety of outputs, such as DeviceNet, Profibus DP, 4-20 mA with HART, and Modbus.



Adrian Totten,

MTS Systems Corp.

Level Products Marketing Manager

3001 Sheldon Drive, Cary, NC 27513

Tel.: 919-677-0100

E-mail: adrian.totten@mts.com

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