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15 mm Rotary Sensor for Demanding Applications



Targeted for Powertrain and other Critical applications, the Z-15 has been specifically designed to be integrated within the existing final application (throttle body, air-intake valve) to avoid the duplication of costs associated with the standard “bolt-on” alternatives that prevail in the marketplace.


Moreover, because of the cost effectiveness of the Z-15 solution, TRUE redundancy can be achieved employing two or more ganged Z-15’s.


Main product specifications:

  • Mechanical Life: 2M cycles, 

  • Op. Temp. Range: -40*C to +120*C. 

  • Electrical Angle: 90 *






Antonio Beasain Aranda



Telf. +34 948 82 04 50

Fax. +34 948 82 40 50


Rotary Sensor





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