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Ultra-Thin Absolute Pressure Transducer for Surface Air Flow Measurements


February 8, 2010, San Juan Capistrano, California, USA – Meggitt Sensing Systems, a division of Meggitt PLC has announced the debut of Endevco® model 8515C, a miniature, high-sensitivity piezoresistive pressure transducer, designed for surface air flow and other aerodynamic measurements requiring high output in a small, lightweight package.


The ultra-low profile design of Endevco® model 8515C has an overall thickness of 0.030 inch (0.76 mm) and diameter of 0.250 inch (6.3 mm). Units are available in ranges of 15 and 50 psia, with 200 mV full scale output, and frequency responses of 180 kHz and 320 kHz, respectively. The transducers offer stable performance over an temperature operating range of -65 to +250 °F (-54 to +121 °C), with combined non-linearity, non-repeatability and pressure hysteresis error of less than 0.50 % FSO. In addition, model 8515C is designed to survive 10,000 g shock and 10,000 g acceleration, with minimum 5X burst pressure, making it the best performing pressure transducer of its kind in the industry.


Model 8515C is supplied with an integral cable, and is typically surface mounted onto curved surfaces, for minimal effect on laminar air or hot gas flow. A flush mounted fit may also be achieved by recessing both transducer and lead wires into the mounting surface, while using a supplied protective screen to prevent particular impingement. For airflow smoothing requirements within flight test applications, an optional rubber fairing is available. Modified versions of model 8515C are also available for wider temperature compensation. All units are shipped in special electrostatic discharge (ESD) packaging, for added protection during product shipment and handling.


Because of its uniquely high overload capability, high frequency response, very low base strain sensitivity and excellent temperature performance, model 8515C is ideally suited for small-scale wind tunnel testing models, helicopter or turbine blade surface pressure measurements, as well as aerodynamic surface measurements required during flight test. For detailed specifications, drawings or additional information about Endevco® model 8515C or other products, visit www.endevco.com





Jessica Koble,

Sales & Marketing Coor,

Meggitt Sensing Systems

Tel: 949-276-0413

E-mail: endevcopr@gmail.com

Model 8515C pressure transducer

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