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Mini Colour Sensor Modules


Jena, 14/11/06 - MAZeT GmbH, presents two unique OEM true-colour sensor modules under the name MTCS-TIAM. This expands the JENCOLOUR® product group to include additional sensor IC solutions.


Under the name of MTCS-TIAM1, MAZeT offers a colour sensor board with optical shutters which, along with the MTCSiCS true-colour sensor IC, also integrates the new MTI04CQ transimpedance amplifier using very compact chip-on-board technology. The board can be provided with 2 optional whitelight LEDs and an aperture for screening from the environment for compliance with the measurement geometry requirements 10° in accordance with DIN5033.


On the input side, the TIAM1 contains the control pins of the MTI04C, which allow amplification and bandwidth to be adapted, as well as a power-down mode. Due to its integrated components and construction, the board is suitable for use as a complete sensor head for direct installation in measurement and control units. As an interface, 3 analogue voltage values (corresponding to the XYZ tristimulus value function in accordance with the sensor calibration) are available on the output side which can be further processed in the ADC of a µcontroller as colour values in the CIELAB colour space.


The MTCS-TIAM2 comprises a true-colour sensor IC with an integrated signal amplifier (MTI04C). The IC is packaged in a plastic casing and contains XYZ (RGB) filters and is therefore especially for colour measurements which are based on the tristimulus value function in accordance with DIN 5033-CIE Lab.


The colour sensor IC consists of 19 x 3 Si-PIN photo diodes, which are integrated on the chip. Using Si-PIN photo diodes enables general signal frequencies up to the MHz range, which are dependant on the subsequent amplifier and its adjustment. Each photo diode on the chip is furnished with dielectric colour filters XYZ for a colour range which correspond to the tristimulus value function from DIN 5033 (Tristimulus). On the output side, the analogue photo currents XYZ are directly transferred to the amplifier IC. The diodes have been designed as a segment of a multi-element hexagonal matrix structure with a diameter of 2.0 millimetres.


These can be used for general colour detection and measurement, in the consumer goods industry, as portable colour detectors / readers, in RGB-LCD backlight monitors, for regulating RGB power LEDs as well as for detecting a wide variety of light sources.


The dielectric filters guarantee good optical characteristics, such as high transmission, durability, temperature stability, high signal frequencies, reduced crosstalk and small dimensions. They feature the characteristics of tristimulus value function for colour measurement in accordance with DIN 5033 (&CIE XYZ & La*b*). The LCC package is RoHS-compliant.


The form and content of the TIAM2 may, if necessary, be adapted according to customer requirements.

Colour sensors




Diane Weidemann

Marketing & Sales

MAZeT GmbH, Guschwitzer Strasse 32

07745 Jena, Germany

Tel.: +49 3641 2809-39

Fax: +49 3641 2809-12

E-mail: diane.weidemann@MAZeT.de



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