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Miniature Load Cells



FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. has expanded its Load Button Load Cell product line by adding the new miniature model: Miniature Load Button LLB130.  The Miniature Load Button LLB130 is offered in 5, 10, 25, and 50 lbs capacity range with an outside diameter of 0.38” and an incredible height of 0.13”, which has now made the LLB130 the smallest load button load cell offered by FUTEK. The new model also offers several advantages besides its miniature size such as its high quality, accuracy, and internal compensation. The internal compensation offers a great benefit to customers who need to cut the cable since it won’t affect the temperature compensation or zero balance of the unit. FUTEK engineering lab has also utilized a custom proprietary strain gage for this model, ensuring that the highest quality requirements are met.


Although Miniature Load Buttons are not traditionally known for their high accuracy, FUTEK engineers have dispelled this concept by continuously improving the accuracy of this product. These load cells achieve great accuracy and stiffness with a Nonlinearity of ±0.5% and Deflection of 0.002” nominal. You will also find options for external matched output readily available. Typical applications include Press, Load Array, or Inline Compression Applications. The LLB130 Miniature Load Button is offered in 17-4 Stainless Steel.


If these standards don’t match your precise need, please contact us to see how we can customize this model for you. FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology Inc. has an in house engineering and manufacturing team. Hence, we can modify any of our standard products (load cells, torque sensors, force sensors, pressure sensors, and instruments) or design a completely new model to meet your custom needs. Our team can help you meet your requirements for any test stand, process control application or low cost OEM requirements no matter what industry you’re in.


Miniature Load Button LLB130 Product Highlights:

  • Ideal for applications where miniature size is advantageous

  • Compression

  • Weight: 0.3 oz  (Including 5 ft cable)

  • Rated Output: 2 mV/V nominal

  • Operating Temperature: -60˚ to 200˚ F

  • Bridge Resistance: 350Ω Nominal


Load cell LLB130



FUTEK also offers the LLB200, LLB205, LLB210, LLB215 as additional solutions in the miniature load button load cell line. These Load Cells will vary in accuracy but it offers various capacity options and size ranges. In addition to our Load Button Load Cells, FUTEK carries over 400 products covering various Load Cell Designs, Torque Sensors, Pressure Sensors and related Instruments.





John Vargas

Sales Engineer

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.

10 Thomas, Irvine, CA 92618

Toll Free: 1-800-23-Futek

Tel: 949-465-0900, fax: 949-465-0905

E-mail: john@futek.com


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