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AST Announces ANSI/ISA 12.27.01-2003 Single Seal Compliance for Explosion-Proof Pressure Sensor Series


Mt. Olive, NJ - American Sensor Technologies, Inc announces its compliance to ANSI/ISA 12.27.01-2003 for their AST4600 Explosionproof Pressure Transmitter.


ANSI/ISA - 12.27.01-2003 “provides specific requirements for process sealing between electrical systems and flammable or combustible process fluids where a failure could allow the migration of process fluids directly into the electrical system. Examples of this type of seal include diaphragm seals, thermowells, and pump seals.”


The AST4600 will withstand the following burst pressure test; please refer to chart.


Maximum Working Pressure

Burst Test Pressure

P max < 14 MPa 3x Pmax
14 Mpa < Pmax < 70 MPa 2.5x Pmax + 7 MPa
70 MPa < Pmax 2x Pmax + 42 MPa


Tested by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), all AST4600 pressure sensors will now be engraved with the Single Seal marking to indicate compliance.  The housing will include the ambient (-40° to 85°C) and process (-40°  to 125° C) temperature range information, along with the CSA 30 Class 1 Division 1 Explosionproof [Groups A, B, C, D] approval marking. A single seal pressure sensor has a significant cost savings and is much more compact than dual seal devices.  AST4600s offer the added benefit of Krystal Bondä Technology, allowing pressure measurement through a solid piece of stainless steel [no welds, oil-filled cavities, or internal O-rings].


The approval most notably effects equipment subjected to inspection by mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation inspectors in Canada.  Effective October 1, 2007, sensors on new or repaired equipment must be marked as a "Single Seal" or "Dual Seal" device in order to continue operation.





Karmjit Sidhu

450 Clark Drive, Mt. Olive, NJ  07828

Tel.: 973-448-1901

Fax: (973) 448-1905

E-mail: kssidhu@astsensors.com


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