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New Filter Signal Conditioner with Industry’s First Individual Input Ground Isolation


Endevco Corporation has announced introduction of the Endevco model 4999 low-pass filter signal conditioner, the first in the industry with individual input ground isolation to eliminate ground loops often encountered with multiple channel measurements.  The new model 4999 is particularly well suited for applications such as rotating machinery test cells and the nuclear services industry where a very low noise floor is required, among others.


The 16-channel, 2U rack mounted model 4999 offers an ultra-low-noise design in a 4- or 6-pole low-pass filter conditioner that supplies excitation current to IEPE (ISOTRON®, ICP®) type sensors and remote charge convertors.  Although ultra-low broadband noise is specified at <30µV RMS, the model 4999 actually measures at <15 µV for high accuracy with low-level vibration signals for any data acquisition system.  It is ideal for use with the Endevco model 2771C low-noise remote charge converter and a PE sensor.


“The new Endevco model 4999 filter signal conditioner with individual input ground isolation is a breakthrough in multi-channel signal processing that provides highly accurate measurements with a high degree of versatility,” said Mark Mason, Endevco Product Manager for Calibration Products, Services and Electronics.


Seven front-panel-selectable, low-pass cutoff frequencies are configurable at the factory at time of order with standard frequency corners of 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12,800 and 25,600 Hz ±2%.  The device also features front-panel-selectable gain of 1 or 10 and accepts voltage type, IEPE and PE remote charge convertor inputs.  An external calibration signal input is supplied for setup of data acquisition channel thresholds using the individual channel cutoff frequency desired.


On the front panel, each channel is provided with a gain selector switch, cutoff frequency switch, LED indicator for cutoff frequency selected, and input isolation/grounding switch.  Front and rear panel test input connectors for injecting an external calibration signal are selectable for each channel.  Rear panel BNC Isotron®/IEPE, voltage inputs and outputs are provided.  LED indicators are also included for gain selected and calibration test signal input.





Yeni Hoo

Marketing Communications Supervisor

Endevco Corporation

Tel.: 949-493-8181x242

E-mail: yeni.hoo@endevco.com

Low-pass filter signal conditioner


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