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Press Force Sensors



The well established Kistler press force sensors are based on the piezoelectric measuring principle. The force acting on the quartz element generates at the output of the sensor a proportional electric charge, which is converted by the series-connected measuring amplifier (such as ICAM Type 5073A) into a process signal suitable for evaluation (typically 0 ...10 V).


The new sensor Type 9383A extends Kistler's successful series of piezoelectric press force sensors. The sensor preloaded ready for mounting with the three standardly calibrated measuring ranges of 0 ... 3 kN, 0 ... 30 kN and 0 300 kN is ideal for measuring both dynamic and quasistatic forces.


Together with an in-line charge amplifier with range switching, such as the ICAM Type 5073A, extremely wide force ranges can be represented with one and the same sensor with consistent accuracy over the entire range. The sensor also offers tried and tested mechanical features with flange connections at both ends for easier interfacing with the machine environment, and centering rings for axial adjustment. The rotationally symmetrical shape makes the press force sensor perfect for use on the end of push rods or press plungers. Press force sensors from Kistler are available in different sizes and measuring ranges.





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Press Force sensor Type 9383A



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