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Canada's largest annual exhibition of measurement, instrumentation, industrial automation and control technologies Toronto ISA 2002 has taken place in Toronto, Ontario, 28-29 May 2002. There were 181 booths of different exhibitors with hundreds of new products (some never seen before) from more than 300 suppliers. The exhibition has been developed by ISA Toronto Section Organizing Committee, which has applied many efforts to do this impressive event interesting and useful. Here is some pictures from the exhibition (click picture to see full-screen version):


Toronto ISA' 2002 Toronto ISA' 2002 Toronto ISA' 2002
During the exhibition ISA's both supplied visitors by fresh information


Toronto ISA' 2002 Toronto ISA' 2002 Toronto ISA' 2002

ABB (an IFSA member), Nova Analytical Systems Inc. and GECMA International demonstrate its new products


Sensors & Transducers e-Digest editors and International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) Executive Committee have had a hard job during last month in order to define the top products presented during Toronto ISA’ 2002. The editors and Сommittee evaluated the nominees based on materials granted by exhibitors, taking into account that today sensors take a special place. Did you see an industrial process control equipment, automation control or data acquisition systems without sensors ? I didn’t. We have found five top products worthy of Best of Toronto ISA’ 2002 Honour: so, here they are:


I. Ultrasonic Sensors with Computer Interfacing from Pepperls+Fuchs, Inc. It can control over twenty command variables. High resolution control of switch point/span settings, compensation for turbulent or unstable target surfaces, and access to extended sensing ranges are just some of the benefits of RS-232 programmable ultrasonic sensors. To simplify the sensor programming procedure, ULTRA 3 software to provide an instant communications link between sensor and computer has been created. However, the access to ultrasonic’s computer configurable parameters is not limited to the ULTRA 3 software. Virtually any form of RS-232-based control programming can be used.


II. Four- & Three-Wire Ultrasonic Level Transmitters from ABM Sensors Technology, Inc. It have the following features: simple push-button or programmable calibration; built-in temperature compensation; RS-232/485 communications; data logging software; PLC compatible; ± 0.25 % accuracy.


III. MicroSafe Model Series 600 Gas Sensor Transmitter from Detcon Inc. (represented by ZIRCO Ltd). It is based on intelligent microprocessor design and have standard 4-20 mA DC  and RS-485 Output.


IV. 0310/0320 Tri-10/20 Oval Gear from Brooks Instruments (represented by Trillium Measurement & Control) with accuracy rate 0.001 % and pulse and 4-20 mA output.


V. BIDDLE Digital Photoelectric Type Hand Tachometer from AVO International. It is microprocessor-controlled, non-contact precision speed measuring instrument (from 10.00 up to 99,999 RPM) uses infrared-type sensing and is totally insensitive to fluorescent light and electromagnetic fields.


Our best congratulations ! These companies will be granted by special IFSA diplomas in the nearest future.


During the exhibition, some of exhibitors complained of small number of visitors. In our opinion, despite of today's crisis in hi-tech areas of engineering, the problem consists in insufficient reflection in Internet the coming exhibition. There were a few web sites with the link to Toronto ISA’ 2002 exhibition and information about it. Frankly speaking, we have known about this event from the ISA's flyer only for some weeks before. In comparison with the last exhibition Sensors Expo (Spring) 2002 in San Jose, USA, for example, we have had an opportunity to advertise and promote this event during 2.5 months. As result, the greater number of visitors was at this exhibition in the USA.


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