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Portable Gas Analyser is Certified as Intrinsically Safe


Servomex Group is delighted to introduce the intrinsically safe Servomex 5100 to its range of new portable analysers. The 5100 portable oxygen analyser provides a replacement for the popular 570A hazardous area analyser, while the infrared version is the first intrinsically safe infrared analyser, providing a single % level measurement for CO2, CO or CH4.


Considerably smaller and lighter than the 570A, the 5100 uses proven non-depleting magnetodynamic paramagnetic or infrared sensing technologies (depending on the gas being detected) to ensure high reliability and a low cost-of-ownership.


Typical applications for the Servomex 5100 include combustion optimisation in hazardous areas, natural gas processing, use in refineries, checking centrifuges prior to start-up, HyCo facilities, catalytic cracker regeneration, inerting in tank farms and other general process monitoring.


The Servomex 5100 nalyser has ATEX, FM and IECEx approvals for use in hazardous areas. It also has a rubber-overmoulded casing that has been loaded with stainless steel fibres to prevent potentially hazardous static electricity build ups and also provide additional physical protection. Long-life rechargeable lithium ion batteries are installed as standard, and an integral electronic note pad enables data to be stored for subsequent analysis.


Customers have a broad choice of options to enable them to configure the instrument to suit their needs and can also specify as an option to have the unit supplied with a carrying case. These range from an internal pump and a flexible sample tube, to a flue gas sample kit approved for use in hazardous areas, and a filter and probe holder assembly.


For oxygen measurements, the Servomex 5100 utilises a proven, non-depleting paramagnetic sensor cell that is optimised for portable applications, while temperature compensation is built into the analyser's digital electronics. Unlike electrochemical cells, users can be confident that the analyser will always be ready to use. Moreover, the sensor cell should never need replacing, which simplifies maintenance procedures and reduces the cost-of-ownership.


Infrared sensor technology is used to measure CO2, CO or CH4. Again, this is proven, robust, non-depleting technology that delivers good accuracy and specificity in portable applications, even in the presence of flammable and toxic samples.


Portable Gas Analyser 5100





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