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New Humidity and Micro Head Sensors for the AccuSense ATM2400 Instrument Family



Degree Controls, Inc announces the availability of two new sensors in the Cambridge AccuSense instrument family. With the addition of the new humidity sensor (UHS1000) and the new micro head airflow and temperature sensor (UAS2000) the ATM2400 provides more functionality for airflow and thermal analysis.


The UAS2000 micro head airflow and temperature sensor uses the DegreeC patented pulse technology to provide the smallest sensing element on the market; further expanding the range of the ATM2400 family. At smaller than .5mm it can record airflow and temperature inside the fins of a heatsink, between tightly spaced components, and in other small locations.


The addition of the UHS1000 humidity sensor provides an added dimension to thermal analysis. The effect of humidity on airflow and thermal management are now part of the analysis. The ATM2400 eliminates the tedious, time-consuming and costly task of manual data recording, and provides the ability to perform simultaneous measurement of air velocity, humidity, airflow and surface temperatures at 36 locations. All of the data is recorded in real-time, and can be analyzed and manipulated using Accutrac®, a powerful Windows-based software package.


DegreeC’s Cambridge AccuSense advanced airflow instrument line from DegreeC includes airflow testing and sensing instruments that provide design and test engineers with the tools necessary to efficiently and accurately validate thermal designs. The ATM2400 / USB sensor line includes the UAS1000 airflow and temperature sensors and the UTS1000 thermocouple sensor for surface temperature measurement.



About DegreeC


Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Milford, NH, DegreeC is a private, minority-owned ISO-9001 registered company. With more than a decade of experience, DegreeC has become a leading provider of thermal and airflow solutions for challenging telecommunications and medical applications. DegreeC is now applying its chassis-level thermal expertise to missioncritical room-level spaces, starting with data centers and clean rooms. In addition to its USA locations, DegreeC has facilities in India, China and Japan. With DegreeC’s most recent acquisition, Integrated Quality Services,  LLC (IQS), DegreeC employs approximately 100 people. Additional information about DegreeC and its products and services may be found at http://www.degreec.com







Ray Cottrell

Degree Controls Inc.

18 Meadowbrook Drive,

Milford, NH 03055

Tel.: 952/746-1276

E-mail: ray.cottrell@degreec.com






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