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Miniaturized Load Cells



Machine manufacturers often need to measure forces or weights with a small sized load cell. DS Europe, that has been producing measuring instruments for more than 30 years, is proposing the series BC300 miniaturized load cells (smallest is mod. BC302 with 16,5mm overall diameter and 8mm highness).


Series BC300 are strain gauge load cells with 4 active arms Wheatstone bridge and a 2 mV/V sensitivity with  < ±0,5 % FS linearity Series BC300 can measure from 0 up to +2000 Kg compression and from 0 up to ±1000 Kg tension and compression.


Applications: general purpose load cells for automation machines, textile machines, medical machines, testing machines, machines working wood-plastics-rubber-paper, robotics, vehicles, military, weighing, food machines, agriculture machines, machine tools, research, geophysical, anti-overload for cranes and lifts etc.


DS Europe can also develop load cells accordingly to customer’s technical specifications. DS Europe produces also: position transducers, pressure transducers, liquid level transducers, inclinometers, accelerometers and panel meters.







Dott. Dario Piardi

DS Europe S.r.L.

Italy, Milan, Via F. Russoli 6

Tel.: +39 02 8910142

Fax: +39 02 89124848

E-mail: dseurope@dseurope.com


Series BC300 load cells




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