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ABR1000 Air Bearing Rotary Stage Redefines Accuracy and Performance Benchmarks


Aerotech's ABR1000 ultra-high precision rotary stages combine air bearing technology and direct drive, slotless/brushless servomotors to provide unsurpassed error motion, wobble performance and velocity stability for high-throughput production and test applications such as MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems). MEMS is a specific area of Nanotechnology concerning the integration of sub-micron mechanical elements, sensors, actuators, and electronics on a common silicon substrate through various micro-fabrication techniques. This rapidly evolving technology demands enhanced-precision automated mechanical systems capable of providing highly stable, accurate and repeatable positioning platforms. The ABR1000 is also well suited to other demanding manufacturing and test applications such as wafer inspection/singulation, DVD mastering, disk drive test/servo writing, optical inspection and fabrication.


The ABR1000's brushless, direct drive motor features a patented magnetic circuit to produce high torque with minimal heat which is essential for nanometre positioning applications. The motor’s slotless design provides zero-cogging and torque-ripple free performance resulting in exceptionally smooth velocity control throughout its 0 to 500 rpm speed range. In addition it’s high acceleration capability, in-position stability and inherently zero backlash is perfectly matched to high throughput electronic manufacturing applications.


Directly coupled encoder feedback options for the ABR1000 include non-contacting, reflective and interferential types depending upon the resolution and accuracy requirements demanded by the application. When combined with Aerotech’s feedback multipliers and controls, they can provide calibrated angular resolution to <0.03 arc seconds and positioning accuracy to <1 arc second.


ABR1000 rotary stages are supplied as self-contained units with all motor and encoder feedback connectors integral within the housing keeping the overall footprint to a minimum. All performance and calibration related documents and a CD with complete interconnection drawings are included along with motor parameter set-up data for the software configuration file to suit the control and drive selected.

ABR1000 rotary stage


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