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New EE80: CO2, RH and Temperature Transmitter

for Building Control


The Carbon dioxide (CO2) content in the air is an important parameter for assessing the quality of the air. Everyone knows the effects of high CO2 concentration during “never-ending” meetings, even if the topics are very interesting: tiredness, sleepiness and headaches. With every breath we take we convert Oxygen (O2) into CO2 and by this increase the CO2 content in the surrounding air. As guideline, the highest CO2 content of „well ventilated“ air is typically below  800ppm CO2, while the fresh outdoor air contains around 360ppm (it is typically 400 to 450 in urban areas).


Since a high CO2 content in the air has a negative impact on comfort and performance, CO2 measurement is becoming as common as temperature and humidity in buildings. Based on CO2  measurement one control outside air ventilation to avoid under ventilation or excessive over ventilation that can waste energy.


The new transmitter series EE80 from E+E Elektronik is an ideal choice for building control applications. The EE80 measures the three most important physical quantities for air quality control and comfort: CO2, relative humidity and temperature.  This is the first transmitter available that accurately measures all three parameters.


The CO2 measurement principle in EE80 is based on the proven principal of infrared gas detection. The measuring range is 0...2000ppm. A patented self-calibration feature compensates for aging of the infrared source and assures a unique long-term stability for the CO2 sensor. Relative humidity in the range of 10...90% RH is measured with the proven capacitive E+E humidity sensor . A built in, state-of-the-art microprocessor ensures high accuracy and excellent long term stability.


The EE80 Series transmitters include combination sensing for CO2, relative humidity and temperature.  There is also a CO2 and temperature version. The EE80 humidity sensor  utilizes  plug-in module.  As a result, humidity measurement capability can easily be added to any existing CO2 and temperature EE80.

CO2, RH and Temp Transmitter EE80


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